Sights and Smells

Bring on an onslaught of nostalgia to me. Today morning has been all gloomy and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds.The weather is cool and there is freshness in the air. And when I opened the utility door in the morning-that freshness of water soaked earth and cool breeze hit me. For a few seconds I was transported back to Columbus of 2007 when it was raining and I used to walk to the bust stop every morning at 7.20 to catch the bus. When there would be no sun and it would’ve rained early in the morning leaving mist in the air and the cool breeze saying the leaves…

There is a particular air freshner that is used in Kohl’s.It was something that I didnt even know had registered in my mind until I went to the Lifestyle showroom a couple of months back. The minute I entered, I thought, I know this smell.Its so distinct, now where have I smelled this before when this is the first time Im coming to this store… And it struck me – In my mind I was looking at the rows and columns of clothes in Kohl’s – the dressing rooms to the right as I enter, the men’s T-shirts arranged in neat rows at the right hand side of the door and the accessories kept in racks on the left hand side… When the brat began to pull my trousers, I blinked to get back to the present.

The trees are all full of flowers right now.Blooming in spring and the tree lined streets look so beautiful and there is that rustle of leaves as you walk over them. And yet again, I think of those times when I first saw the beginning of fall in the US and was amazed at the rate with which the trees were shedding leaves and the streets and pavements were all full of these dried leaves…

A particular men’s deodorant (I dont know the brand) which makes me turn back and look at that person again – goes beyond my control. I always smile thinking of the time I first met hubby and he used to use that deodorant… Never gave it much thought at that time, but it had probably registered in my mind somewhere…

Finally, the smell of Ponds’ vanishing cream.I dont even know if it exists today still and I dont even know where I get the smell now – i did and it reminded me of my Granny. The one who passed way nearly 3 years ago and who had left using that vanishing cream for more than 5yrs before that atleast. So, where was this memory stored?

The song ‘Saathiya tune kya kiya’ – also always reminds me of Granny.She loved this so much that she would listen to it on repeat and still not get bored. So, everytime I listen to this song I recollect the sofa on which she would sit and watch TV…

There is a distinct smell to her wardrobe. I had forgotten about it until very recently when I opened my Dad’s wardrobe here in my home to search for something – the smell hit me. Its a kind of very sweet smell and I cant describe what it is either

Does it happen to you too? This sudden transportation into some other place in your head? It gets embarassing sometimes to be looking lost and not have an explanation to give…


14 thoughts on “Sights and Smells

  1. You like it when its not sunny 😦

    I dont..that kind of weather just makes me want to curl up into the kambal and sleep away…loads of people find it romantic, I find it depressing…I know, total sadist eh 🙂

    But yaa..the ponds cream reminds me of Amma, one lady was using it in our washroom the other day, and I sniff around like a dog..any problem she asks me and I am like I know that smell, I know that smell..she starts laughing and I am like THIS IS PONDS..yaa if I discovered bouyancy or something 🙂

  2. First of all i want to know that deodarant of perfume that makes you turn around , I guess I cant get the ladies to look at me otherwise .. SO desperately need that name PLEASEeeeeeeeeeeeee mighty pleaseeeeeeeee 🙂

    I have some smells of my own but wud be too weird to tell it out here in open place , dont want people getting scandalised now DO WE 🙂 he he he he

  3. Oh yes it does happen to me too!! Some smells, some colors, some objects and some places always will be associated to some people/events/situaitons in life…

    Oh yes while I recall those lovely moments and hv a faint smile on my lips, people around me will be giving a stare and probably be assuming that I hv lost it!!


    1. Hey LF! Long time! Been Busy?

      Its not something that I need to remember rey! Sometimes I wonder where this memory came from! i wouldnt even remember the smell of something and then the next instant it kind of ‘hits’ you know… Im sure you would have some like that too…

  4. Yes Yes Yes
    Does it happen to you too? This sudden transportation into some other place in your head? It gets embarassing sometimes to be looking lost and not have an explanation to give… — Happened many times. The worst is it happens sometimes when I am in bus- lost in memories and I end up staring at a stranger!

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