Weekend updates

Inspired by RM, I have begun to put up my weekend updates.Mostly, because our weekends are boring, I dont get enough stuff to put in here. But, this past weekend was pretty filled with activity.

Friday evening in-laws called us saying that they wanted to buy new clothes for Chuktu for the festival (Ugadi on 23rd March),so we went there directly from work. MIL knowing we would be hungry, had bought Akki rotti and some assorted sweets for us which we literally stuffed our faces with and then we went shopping. Bought 3 sets of summer t-shirts and shorts and a pair or shoes for him.His clothes begin to get shorter within 3 months and then there is a mad dash to buy new stuff for him 😦 And then, since he had been asking me for Gems every evening and I had been putting off buying it, I bought him a small packet. Oh! For the joy on his face – I could’ve bought him a 100 more like that! Pure excitement 🙂

We reached home by 8pm and then while Mom fed him dinner and our stomachs already bulging with the food we had at the in-laws, I called Scribby’s friend who had safely kept the gifts from her to Chutku and Mantam for over a month now 😦 So, we left home only by 9pm when the traffic would reduce,collected the gifts and were back home by 10.30.

Saturday morning,I had the most boring,irritating but must do task to complete -mainly going to the bank. It took me over an hour to just sit there and raise all the requests for whatever needed to be done and they have promised to get them all done by the end of this week.So, another visit due this saturday. Sigh. I HATE bank work.Anyway now the ball is in their court 🙂

Came home, and I think the heat got to me-so I went to sleep at 12 in the afternoon and slept until 1.By which time the little fellow had also had a ‘power-nap’ and woke up.Made lunch yummy by frying some rice happaLa (papad) and after eating stomach full again, the run behind the 2 little feet began to fill his stomach. Both hubby and I gave up after an hour by which time our stomachs were half empty while his was just half-full 😦 I just wiled the time away reading books and sorting stuff for the next week while hubby washed the car (after ages).We then decided we will go on a long drive-his cousin family and us, had a hurried lunch by 8.30. Packed up the little guy and started at 9. Wow! THIS was why this entire post came about actually! We went to this place called ‘Rasta’ on mysore road which is a couple of hours away from the City which is a 24hr coffee shop. Thru the journey thankfully Chuktu slept and so we chatted and listened to some good music. We reached the place to see the crowd all dressed hep while we were just casual 😦 That didnt deter us though. The interesting part was that he had hookahs there and we all wanted to try.After ensuring that the hookah was only steam and flavour and didnt contain any tobacco, we ordered one.I guess from the looks of us the waiter knew we were amateurs, so he asked us to take Mint flavour which was mild. When it came-we all waited to see who would take it first and my co-sis did.She did it so well and said her mouth smelled fresh that I grabbed it from her and sucked at the pipe (ofcourse we were given seperate filters for each of us). To my horror and the fun of others, the entire smoke or steam or whatever you call it-went directly into my nose and throat! making me cough with tears in my eyes 😦 Made a fool of myself again…though it was fun. We then ordered coffee and sandwiches, while niece had a smoothie which was yummy. Chutku (who woke up as soon as we reached the place) and she roamed around the place, drooling over the cakes display and the little fellow comes not to me or his Dad, goes directly to his Doddappa and says “Doddappa,alli happy birthday cake ide” (Happy B’day cake is there)” Clever little brat! We didnt buy him any at 12 in the night! but I did give him a few potato wedges and french fries after blotting out the extra oil on tissues…We didnt realise the time until it was 1 am! While we hurriedly paid the bill and started from there, the actual hep crowd was just entering the place and no tables were free… We dropped the cousins home and were back by 2.15. What an experience it was! 😀 We have decided to do this again…

Sunday-A pooja in aunt’s house for which the parents left really early.So, we went to the in-laws for breakfast and the intention of getting a hair-cut for the little fellow. But we relaxed so much that before we knew it, it was 10.30 and we had to rush back home to get ready and go to the pooja ourselves. Got ready in a hurry and reached the venue exactly at lunch time 😀 yeah, we have our priorities right! After that yummy lunch,driving back home in that hot-sun got to all of us and we slept -thankfully, Chutku slept too until 5.30 in the evening. While Hubby took him for a ride in the evening, I set everything ready for monday morning and tucked in early to bed by 9 to catch up on the lost saturday night sleep.


On a completely off-track:

This link on Rahul Dravid written by his wife 🙂 I just loved it…



9 thoughts on “Weekend updates

  1. Lovely weekend RS, Having mom and in laws around you is a blessing for you..I am missing those very much here.

    Is Bangalore getting hot already..I hope its rains and cools down soon. I remember when I came to Blore first I used to wear Sweater even in April-May. Weather seems to have changed so much.

    “had a hurried lunch by 8.30”. I think you meant dinner 🙂

    Haven’t heard abt Rasta, will try next time we are driving between Blore to Kerala. Yeah I have tried hooka’s too..It’s so much fun when friends are around..Yeah you must try again 🙂

  2. That is such a fun weekend! I am waiting to get back to Bangalore! We used to do late night drives too 🙂 And land up on coffee shops or ice cream parlous 🙂 Although with daughter, I am not sure will will be doing all that any more..

    1. Hi Smita,

      Actually, even we never thought we would go out with Chutku in tow, but thankfully he was a darling-slept through the drive, got up while we were there and played with cousin and went right back to sleep within 5 mins of getting into the car 🙂 you should try it!

  3. Wow… Hookah bar eh? I must pester Abbas to do it some time. And I think with kids, you guys went at appropriate time so that you could step up before the crowd set in.

    So Chutku is fond of Gems and happy birthday cake eh? Hope for his next birthday, I’ll be able to make it for him 🙂

  4. I am making a mental note of this palce called ‘Rasta’ ,Will ask u more details on the exact location…Hookah sounds fun… why dont u put up some snaps??

    Let me pester Appi to go to this place soon. 🙂 *wink wink*

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