The Tangible Benefis of Blogging

I have written before, all my reasons for blogging.Without adding too much more text – Let me put it here for posterity that this virtual world also makes way for plenty of new friendships which yield in tangible lovely gifts. And I have also posted about the Dove stuff I got for free.

Case in point #1: Scribby was in Blore way back in January and I kept calling her and making plans to meet her one sunday and at the last minute I had guests visiting so I sort of ditched her and didnt meet her.But that darling lady,God Bless her! got gifts for Chutku and Mantam (Im yet to ensure that it reaches their hands).To pick that up (I know, Im shameless that way-who lets go of a gift huh?)  I kept making plans with her friend who stays pretty close by and that didnt materialise until this friday evening. Rather late night! We troubled her friend and picked up the gift at 10pm and I couldnt wait until I reached home to see what she had sent – here’s what she has sent…

Noddy Bedtime stories and My First Words Books

Needless to say Chutku saw the First words book on sunday evening, grabbed it because it was so colorful,sat down on the floor and began asking “Amma, idenu? (what is this) Appa,Cycle” – So Scribby – all your fears of how he will like the book can now be rested completely. I’ve kept the book in the car and that will be his first training book now 🙂 

Case in point #2: Way back in Jan (Again, yeah) I got a mail from Women’s web stating that I had won their lucky draw (so what if it was the second list!) and if I sent them my address they would be sending me a list of gifts! Yippeeee!! Without wasting a minute I dashed off my address and then I get another mail apologising for the delay and Lo and Behold! Last thursday I get this DTDC courier delivered home 😀 And these are what I got from Women’s Web. Lovely na?

Lovely Pair of ear-rings, notebook made of hand-made paper, a car sticker,a lovely accessory long chain and a facemask. Can wait to try them all out now...I was like a small kid on Christmas Eve, grinning from ear to ear even before I opened the packet.

Case in point #3: And then finally, My Dream Canvas (Im a big-time lurker at these interior design blogs) is hosting this birthday give-away and all I had to do to participate is leave her a comment, follow her blog – which meant major delurking but WTH – if I end up getting that amazing white metal BharaNi it will be worth the delurking ;-P and ofcourse let my few readers also know about the give-away and Im letting you all know now (Though I selfishly hope that I win!)

So all of you who dont blog yet-go on and start writing – what are you waiting for?


13 thoughts on “The Tangible Benefis of Blogging

  1. Wow good one, lovely gifts.

    all the best for the contest 🙂 I am sure you will win, because I will make sure not to go and register ELSE I would have won ha ha ha ha 🙂

  2. So many tangible benefits eh?

    I’m gonna collect Scribby’s gifts for Mantam ASAP. (Same pinch on being shameless for gifts)

    Loved the assortment of gifts you received from WW. Are they having any third list by any chance? :mrgreen:

    Even I have never ever won all my life when it comes to random name picking contests 😦

    1. Seema -I have been blogging for over 3 yrs now and never even had the guts to go and comment at so many places. Only now that I have begun to be a little more of a de-lurker these things are coming my way! 🙂 So grabbing it with both hands. WW has a contest going on right now-why dont you also participate? For all participants they are giving some gift voucher – check ti out 🙂

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