Celebrating Me.


The contest on Women’s Web which very aptly speaks of Celebrating Myself has provided me with a platform to express and elaborate on a comment at IHM. What does it take for a woman to appreciate herself? That she is a great mother/wonderful wife/understanding friend? Does it need an action to prove that as woman Im proud of myself?

No individual – irrespective of gender can live in isolation. And I celebrate all these relationships in my life which encourage me and respect me for the individuality.

I am proud of myself because of the person I am today. I celebrate my wonderful parents who gave me encouragement and support to do anything I wanted, who instilled the confidence in me to be the person I am. I celebrate my husband who considers me to be an equal partner in life and that we need to strive together to make things work for us. I celebrate my in-laws for accepting me the way Iam,with all my faults and misgivings.I celebrate the arguements I have with the people around me- my parents/inlaws/husband because it gives me the clarity of thought and the fact that I can express myself the way I want to – though it might not be  agreeable to them. I celebrate my friendships which give me joy. I celebrate the love I get from all these relationships.

I celebrate myself for the freedom of thoughts and control of language I have to be able to let people know-I am ME.That I may not always be the epitome of sacrifice. Im a woman, an individual, my own person. My actions are based on what I think is right or wrong. I am a working mother, a wife, a home maker, a daugher, a sister, a friend. Im proud of each one of these relationships and they all form a part of me. Im proud that I can be my own person in each of these relationships without having to explain it to anyone or feel guilty about any of these roles. My looks dont define me, my thoughts and actions do.


11 thoughts on “Celebrating Me.

  1. Such a short yet to-the-point post! Loved this line – ‘That I may not always be the epitome of sacrifice. Im a woman, an individual, my own person’

  2. A woman does not always have to be Epitome of sacrifise and all that , THat happened only in old indian movies ..

    Each human is individual and as long as we treat everyone same and equal its all fine and GREAT.

    and the last few words its not the looks but the ACTIONS and thoughts that define a person .. beauty is nothing if NOt accompanied by a heart … and soon that will fade away too …

    good to read it ..

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