Friday Fun – Chutku’s Observations at the farm stay

My previous post already gave enough details of the Ooty-Farm stay trip.But,ofcourse there *had* to be some entertainment from our little monster to add to the memories right? Right, so here they are…

After all the sighting of the elephant and excitement and how sad it was that their environment was being encroached and such conversations, the little fellow was playing with his Ajji and mock giving her coffee. So, the granny asked who else he will give the coffee to,expecting him to mention the grand dad and  the parents. He very promptly said he will give the coffee to the elephant in his little hands.Why? Because “Paapa,adu sun nalli stand maaditthu allava, ajji…”


He rides his cycle in circles in the living room at home for lack of better space. On the way to Ooty there were 36 hairpin bends and we were continuously going around them, so he says “Amma, Appa round round car driving…” 😛


And we saw quite a few deer. And he immediately related it to “Jinke Mari na…Ni Jinke Mari naa” A quite a popular song in Kannada that I sing for him when he is all excited and jumping around like deer (Jinke = deer)


He was so fascinated by the big slide there, that he was unwilling to come away from it at any point of time. It used to get pretty cold during evenings and this little monster, unmindful of the chill and the mist continued to slide. I had to literally haul him away from the slide and be the object of everyone’s attention at the resort for all the drama that he generated – Only because I wanted to put his coat and topi and change him into pant from the dirty shorts.

One for the stolen moment:

He was trying to chat up with another kid at the resort but it didnt look like that other kid’s parents were too happy about it. So, I just carried him away from there and went to the bonfire area where they had just started the music and  the fire and there wasnt anyone else. So, I began to hum and swirl carrying hm while he was looking around and getting rather worried about the fire. I stopped singing and explained that its OK and it wont hurt him, it is only to keep us all warm. Suddenly he says “Amma haadu heLu,dancu maadu” (Amma sing,dance) and put his head on my shoulder. It was our moment of peace under the stars, until the others began to join us.

Climbing the steps to the huge slide-Thrilling to slide down it 🙂
Looking at a sky full of stars...
Acting like reading - to avoid having lunch
Walking a tight rope and scared...

Eating is a big problem with him. And so it was over this trip too… On the way we had stopped at Cafe Coffee day and so didnt get any fresh food for him as lunch. He only had a milkshake  and an Amul Kool as lunch after 1 idly for brkfast. By the time we reached the resort, his voice had already changed and he still has horrible cold (thanks to all the sliding 24hrs too) and runny nose. No amount of cajoling,threatening – nothing worked during the stay there to eat. All the time, we fed him a Imagelittle bit of soup and some curd rice 😦 And I was consistently feeling guilty about it. Cornflakes,bread,omlette,rice and rasam,cut fruits – everything was unceremoniously spit without discretion 😦 How do I make this kid eat?!! Please help!


18 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Chutku’s Observations at the farm stay

  1. Look at those pics! So cute! 🙂 🙂

    ‘Paapa,adu sun nalli stand maaditthu allava, ajji…’ – How caring! No?! 🙂

    And I’ll be watching this comment space for tips on making the kids eat without much fuss.

  2. I loved the one where he said “Amma, Appa round round car driving…”
    “Amma haadu heLu,dancu maadu” – Chow sweet of him.. 🙂

    Hey you managed to write just below the snapz.. I need to know how you did it.. Was looking for this for sometime now.. lemme know..

    1. Deeps-I only added captions to the pictures. But Im still unhappy about the positioning of the snaps 😦 I wanted them to come all along the post on the right hand side – like it did in blogger 😦

    1. I’ve translated most of the words.Only sentence is:

      Paapa,adu sun nalli stand maaditthu allava, ajji…”

      So sad, It (the elephant) was standing in the sun no Ajji, thats why I will give it coffee…

  3. Paapa,adu sun nalli stand maaditthu allava, ajji… – Awww!!
    Amma, Appa round round car driving – He is very observant na?
    Jinke Mari na – Even I used to sing it for Mantam when they were Chutku’s age and they loved it too 🙂
    Stolen moment took the cake for mr 🙂

    About making him eat – is it a problem only when you travel or at home also? If it’s only when you are away on a trip, then I would say that it’s pretty normal re. I used to always carry packets of biscuits, bread and bananas. These don’t perish soon and will fill their tummies. Other than these, they also have a share (however small) of the food that we eat. And as long as the child is active and enjoying the trip, don’t bother if he is eating less than his normal intake.

    1. Food is a problem all the time 😦 Even at home, we run behind him to eat dinner.Sat/Sun is a pain. Sometimes I just leave it and substitute with some juice/milk and then feel guilty for not having enough patience 😦
      I keep biscuits and sponge cake and all that too.But anything that takes time to chew – he keeps in mouth for a few seconds and spits it out. I was a fussy eater as a child too, mom tells me. So I think this is how its going to be for quite sometime 😦 Ah! Karma….

  4. Errr…no tips on the food eating…do any of YOU have any tips on making children eat LESS!! In Dire need of that tip please!

    Muah to the little one..loved that stolen moment eh 🙂

  5. Well i guess he will eat when he wants to , you cant force him.

    fun pictures … and bonfire reminded me of the winter nights at our village , we would have that each night and all family gather to talk etc and keep warm, did not have electricity then.

    Fun time though they were

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