The Ooty-Destiny Farmstay Trip



What we did – Catch Fish. I got 1 while Hubby caught 2!

OK, now that you all saw the pictures and hopefully hovered the mouse on them to know what it was – I thought I will do a picture post (because I thought that would be better than me using the same old words like Awesome, and beautiful over and over again!)  on our Ooty trip we did a couple of weekends back. 3 days – 1 day to go, 1 day to stay at Destiny Farm stay and 1 day drive back. The roads were good until we reached Ooty but from there to the resort car park was bad. The car needed to be parked about 2kms away and from there they take us in a modified Army Truck and that is right through the forest and there is no road. Just the path made by the truck and thats the most bumpy ride I’ve ever had! But once we reached there it was all so cool and beautiful we forgot all about the ride in a few mins (until the morning when we had to ride back :-)) What we did there, and how it all was – is all in the pictures. Though I will just give a jist again:

Friday – We reached there only by 5 in the evening – having a relaxed breakfast and a quick lunch at Coffee Day (because we didnt find any hotels in Gundlupet). We only went to the bonfire for some time, I danced with the little fellow with the fire buring behind my back and cold wind on my face :-), had dinner and crashed.

Saturday – We went fishing – they have the chotu pond with fish, we catch and then we take pictures and they put the fish back in the pond 🙂 then we showed the little fellow Geese, cows and horses and let him run around sitting on the Jhoola or play the slide. In-Laws and Chutku had lunch in the room and after that Hubby and I decided to go for a ‘picnic by the lake’. They pitched a tent for us, got us the food from the resort and just let us be. We ate, read Archie comics until 4.30 and then took the hike back to the resort. Again went to the bonfire, played a little bit of carrom and TT and hit the bed early again.

Sunday – After an early breakfast and horse riding, we took the bumpy Army truck ride back to the parking lot and thinking we will go to the Elephant camp on the way near Mudumalai. Unfortunately the drive took so long that it was past 2pm by the time we reached Mudumalai and we knew that camp would be closed. So, I was super excited to see Elephants near the road itself. We slowed down, took pictures showed Chutku (I was more excited than him!) and drove back. A quick stop at Mysore for coffee in my Aunt’s house and we were back in Blore and at home by 9.30pm.

For anyone who wants to visit this place, here’s the link: 

Its a part of the little earth group who have about 4 properties around Ooty. Some tips would be:

1. This place is quite far from Ooty itself , so you will not be able to see Ooty as such.So go to this place only if you want to relax and have a ‘farm’ experience.

2. Since you cant go anywhere else, the food is over-rated. But its good too…

3. Ensure you reach the place by latest 5pm (when there’s still light). Searching for the place, the roads are all not very convenient in the dark as it is quite secluded.

PS: More on Chutku tales on Friday Fun 🙂

PPS: I thought I could add the story bits after every picture, but wordpress doesnt allow me to enter text between these pictures. Also, Im unable to make the pictures smaller 😦 Tips anyone?


20 thoughts on “The Ooty-Destiny Farmstay Trip

  1. Did you stay in those tents??
    Awww… Lovely trip na, so close to nature….

    You know what caught my eyes the most? Chutku’s floral shirt! I love it 🙂

  2. Wow.. Lovely pics and lovely place too!

    To give details below the picture, I generally write the description in all those columns mentioned. That is, Title, Alternate Text, Default Caption and Description. So, there is no option for it but to appear! 😀 😀

    P.S. – Your posts seem to take a long time for it to appear in my reader after you post it. This, after your move to WP. Why?!

  3. Hamm so u an dI posted on the same day, although I visited months ago.. Whew!!
    The pics are awesome n I am sure u had a relaxing time…

    Bonfire in cold nights would be very good!!
    Yeah even I spotted an elephant on the way back to Blr.. 🙂

    1. Suuper na? That elephant spotting got me all excited where as Chutku was just looking on like I had gone mad! But its so good to see a wild animal in its own surroundings rather than in a zoo…

      1. Oh yes Cannot agree more with you.. I got down from the car and was jumping with joy when I found a elephant and the Mahout.. I even asked him the name.. I think it was “Jhon” or somehting.. forgot at this moment!! 🙂

  4. Wah!

    Some points

    1. You are HOT
    2. Husband seems hotter 😉
    3. Chutku without saying is the hottest in that shirt 🙂

    More info on WP can be obtained from Seema n SnS..mee…I am a technologically challenged geek 😉

    Glad you had so much fun 🙂

    1. Eh? Thanks for the compliment anyway. Will pass it on to hubby too 😀 Im sure he would be thrilled. Heheh.

      WP – Bikram has given some cool tips-should try that out next time.

      Chutku in the floral shirt? Am not getting more of that kind – nows my time to dress him the way I want.Another couple years and he will scorn on my choice anyway…

  5. wow… and I second R’s Mom’s comment above … hear hear 🙂

    to add the text between the pictures , it difficult i know , if its jsut a caption for picture you can do it when you upload the picture , you can put it in the default caption ..

    to change size if after you have uploaded and inserted in your post , click the picture it has a edit option use that and you can enter the width and the height ..

    If you want to write a pragraph or something under a picture it is tricky , but what i do it , inser the picture first , then go to the HTML tab it will show the html code for the picture.. when the tag finishes , start writing there .. and so on ..

    Did it make any sense or have i confused you much more …

  6. Looks like a proper getaway from it all 🙂 True communing with nature. Lovely pics!!

    Looks like a little piece of heaven on earth. Even if the food is expensive, it must be totally worth it for the freshness and pureness.

  7. I am feeling miserable that I couldn’t meet you in person while I was in Blore.

    You look so pretty and nicely shaped. Pictures speaks a lot and I can see how beautiful the place is and looks like you all had a relaxing time. The best part of the weekend trips are they are short and sweet. I am eagerly waiting for spring/summer to come to restart our trips.

  8. Wow! The pictures look amazing 🙂 Looks like a super fun trip.

    As for adding text after pictures in WP, after every picture that you upload, select the picture, click on the right arrow key (that way the cursor moves beyond the picture), hit enter and type the text. If I am not ready to write just yet I generally enter ‘abc’ or such to make WP’s html know to start a new DIV. Hit enter again and upload the picture and do the same.

    Once I am ready to enter all the text, I go back and enter them where I had created placeholders for them. If I don’t want to add text, I simply go and delete the temp text.

    Of course as Bikram said playing with the html works perfectly as well. 🙂

    1. Thanks for that Tip Comfy.Infact I just published the draft itself and then came back and worked on it yesterday. WP is not as easy as Blogger – yet to learn 🙂 And Bikram’s tips were good too. Will try them out soon…

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