Teri Meri Prem Kahaani- First Date and the days after…

Ofcourse, we didnt meet for the next few days until sunday-the day of the CAT exam. It was in Christ college and I told Mom that I had no clue how long I would take and that S had suggested we have lunch outside somewhere and Mom agreed. Quite obviously, most of my concentration during the exam was all on the lunch we were going to have rather than the exam itself (guilty, guilty). We finished exam at 12 and we both had our respective 2-wheelers-he had his Dad’s scooter and I had my Dad’s kinetic. And he suggested we go to Max on MG Road. And we went-on our respective vehicles. There was hardly anyone that sunday afternoon while we had burgers,milkshake and actually for the first time I hardly spoke. I was still wondering if all he said was true and what were we doing?! I was damn afraid! Then he said it again “I love you, I know you are worried but trust me this will work out”. And that made me relax (I know, how silly!) That was our first date…

We used to sit next to each other in all the movies we went to watch, I would go half hour early to college so I could spend more time with him, he would drop me home sometimes (and I would tell mom that he dropped me and she didnt say much though she didnt like it). But we would always go out to restaurants and movies in group – so even if someone did see us, it would only be in the group and never the 2 f us alone. But in the group, there began speculations and then I told my closest friend that he had proposed. She didnt like it one bit. I was guilty of hiding this from my parents ( I thought they didnt know) and she only made me feel much worse by telling me that I was cheating my parents and misusing their trust in me and for all I know, this might not work out. And I would feel like sh*t – until I spoke to him and he would always convince me that when the time came the parents would agree… We would convince them.

We then got into different colleges for post-graduation. Now, how would we meet? We would talk everyday over the phone-I remember when I became the rose queen in the first year, I came home and told my parents and the next thing I know, mom laughs and tells Dad “Ah! Now, I know, she will call up S and gloat and tell him the whole story” Go sit there in the living room and you will get more details than she told us! 😛 They were strict in a lot of ways-but now I realise they were quite cool too! Needless to say-that was exactly what I did.

All the crazy things I’ve done to meet him! We would meet at Satyam iWay for 40 mins. That was cheap and best and safe! We would both check our mails, chat there and see where we can apply for jobs and then if time permitted (I would have said, Im going to check my emails for an hour and had to be back within the hour-15mins here and there permitted) we would go to the usual hangout (we were nearly caught by mom and her collegues once!) and have a milkshake/coke and come home. There was another small restaurant closer home and I would wait for him there – there were no coffee day in those days and we both Hated meeting in parks-we thought it too shady and we never met alone for longer than an hour. There have been days with he would come to meet me at the temple I would go to every tuesday for a few mins. And then we would always meet as a gang of friends some evenings. He would come 12kms all the way in the pretext of meeting another guy who lived close by and would then casually come and meet me and my friend in the complex where we would go walking everyday 🙂 And there have been days when I’ve been crazy enough to drive all the way to the city outskirts nearly 15kms to his college just to pick him up. We also would meet at the Corner House at Carlton towers (the first corner house in Blore, I think) when I used to go for project work during the last 6 months of the PG project work.By about the 3rd year of the PG, we had become confident of our relationship (rather I had) and was ok with friends coming to know about us…

Final Episode: Telling the Parents and After…


14 thoughts on “Teri Meri Prem Kahaani- First Date and the days after…

  1. The going out together stage is so sweet right? You go out of your way to meet them, you wait for hours, you talk for hours.

    Wonder what changes when we get married and start running behind kids 😀

      1. Awww… This phase is crazy na? We have so much to talk to each other! Like Comfy says, ‘Wonder what changed when we get married?’

        Good that we are writng it down na? Chutku and Mantam can read what all ‘papad we belofied’ ? *winks*

  2. This is the best part! when we sneak out, meet, hide from some friends, they doubt u and u deny with a smile in ur face… Secret meetings, wlkings, getting to know each other, expectations, finding out more abt each others likes n dislikes… Its a “Dream era” as I call it!!

    I really wonder where r those days now??? 😥

  3. We all go through this sneaky phase in life where we don’t want to tell friends and family abt our love. Loved reading this post RS, when can we have next part..Waiting eagerly..

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