Friday Fun – His (High)Brattiness

I had heard that its always Terrible Twos and I guess somewhere I was also prepared for some amount of it! But at this level – Baap Re! I never expected so much of tantrum throwing/naughtiness/stubbornness from the tiny little fellow I had assumed him to be!

The Little Monster: Tuesday – I get not one but 3 complaints – from 2 moms and the child – “Chutku, pushed me. Chutku hit my baby today” and when I asked him “did you push” he says  “Amma, Chutku push Leena” Huh?! All through the journey back home I kept telling him that he should not hit/push anyone and he kept saying ‘Chuktu Push Leena’. And not just that, he goes home and tells my mom “Ammamma, naanu Leena push maaDde” (I pushed Leena!) proudly! He has also learnt to pinch and Ouch, that really hurts! so if he wants cartoon and we refuse – you see him bringing his thumb and forefinger together ready to pinch!

He has become extremely vocal and expressive now. And he DEMANDS!
He generally sits in the front seat of the car – in his car seat and seat belt. All these days the seat belt was never an issue, now suddenly over the past 2 weeks he insists that he doesnt want to wear seat belt.
“Amma, beltu thegi,beltu beda” and when I asked him why he doesnt want to seat belt – ” Naanu, appa car driving” action and noise included! A shocked Appa asked him then where will Appa sit? Very generously he points to his car seat and says “Appa illi sit-tu” 😀 And I was literally ROTFL sitting in the back seat.

Dropping him to the day care is an excercise everyday now. He wants to first go see Appa TV (Laptop) at his Dad’s desk and then see the fishy in the pond on the way, so as the car nears the office gate he says “Amma,neenu hogu naanu appa TV noDtheeni, neenu aamele baa” (Amma you go,I will watch Appa TV, you come later” and then when he does come into the day care he starts “Ratna Aunty beda, Amma beku” tantrum until I have to literally pry him away from me,hand him over to the lady and walk out. And if I go peep in the next 2 mins – he is happy playing on the tricycle.

Ah! Tricycle reminds me – His GrandParents have bought him one for his Bday and needless to say – everything happens on that these days. You want him to do anything, you only have to mention – Cycle beka? And the task gets done. Its the cutest when he goes behind his ammamma,points to the miniscule space behind him on the seat and says “ammamma baa, illi thookko (Koothko-Sit), Tata onana (HogoNa-we will go) ” 😀 And you can see the four adults in various positions laughing out heads off 😀 But thats the innocence that thankfully is still retained…

The bestest advantage of having my parents around-I think I have mentioned this before – Mom spends an hour beginning at 7.15pm to nearly 8.15 running around behind him – on his cycle, showing Chandamaama, threatening that the ‘Uppa Anna’ (Ghee and Salt-Uppu-Thuppa has become Uppa, Anna-Rice) will be fed to Thatha and somehow ensures that some amount of dinner goes into that reluctant mouth…

Some of his vocabulary (I already mentioned Thookko and Onana):
All fruits are Banana
Tomato – Totomo
Potato – Topato
Iruve (ant) – Ivure
Kannadaka (specs) – thanaka
AppaLa(paapad) – Chappala! (Very close to Chappali=slippers,the first time he said it, took me a couple of mins to understand)
Haakko (Put/wear) – AathoLu
Thogo (take) – ThothoLu

And just to enjoy this thothla ram some more I teach him these words:
Kiladi Kitta – thilali thittha
Kedi Subba – thedi thubba
Thutherikki – Thuthithi
Akatakata 😛 (Even husband couldnt say it first time
Shambho shankara -Thanno thanthana
Nautanki – Nathanthi

And Oh! The Kolaveri song – My God! This has become a must have these days in the car or even as a lullaby! And he sings most of the lyrics perfectly:
Hand la glaach
glaach la scotch
eyes fullaa teaLllu
Louu louu bouu bouu!!

And when I tell him ‘Love You’ he says “loouu louu bouu bouu” – I didnt know if I should get irritated because of the songs influence or I should just be glad about his memory power and his linking capacity!
Talking about memory, My cousin’s wife came home last weekend and taught him Superman, superman song and yesterday he remembered it  and began to sing “Superman,superman: thatha van thatha van” !
And when I asked him who taught him ths song he said Athethe (Atthe) – I asked him is it K atthe? He says “Alla amma, K atthe alla, U atthe” – even remembering who taught him the song and when…

The biggest challenge for me now – How do I channalise all this memory power and unlimited energy? Im tired by the end of the day and he still has unlimited reserves… Whew! This parenting!


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