Friday Fun – Toddler Updates

Ever since the Little monster has turned 2, the mostrocity has only increased double fold. Its becoming highly unpredictable to tell what he’s going to do next. Ofcourse, his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and everyday he forms a new perfect sentence we stop and ask him to repeat it just to reveal in his thothla language 🙂

Some of his latest antics:
He loves his bath time (most days) and runs naked into the bathrooms in the mornings. Its mostly his dad who gives him the bath and more often than not you can hear his demands for ‘thale naana’ – head bath.His concept – pour ANYTHING on the head and it becomes a thale naana! So the other day, my poor unsuspecting Dad was sitting down on the floor and watching TV while this fellow went to him with a huge basket full of toys. The next thing we know-he has poured the entire contents of the lego blocks, small cars,random toys all on my father’s head and my Dad is sitting stunned still not understanding what happened! Then he says – “Thaatha, thale naana!”….

He now listens verrry carefully to what we talk and the result is this:
He calls my Dad: “Riiiiii” like how my mom calls and if he doesnt find him anywhere he goes to my mom and asks “Arii yelli?” If he is asking any body else its Thatha but when its my mom it becomes “Ari”!!

FIL: “Raamiiiiii” like how my MIL calls him! These days even when he wants to call him – he calls him by name and I HAVE to keep correcting until he goes back to calling either of the Grand fathers as Thatha!
Context: He loves to wipe any surface with any cloth he can get – appa’s baniyan,amma’s dupatta, thatha’s kerchief even ammamma’s saree!

Yesterday evening we reached home a little early and I just sat down to read something while this fellow played. He came behind me and began to wipe my back with my Dad’s kerchief. The next thing I know,I find something cold running down my back and I screamed and jumped and realised that this fellow was pouring his ‘sippy nee’ down my back. And when I screeched – he calmly put the bottle down, took the kerchief from the floor and began to wipe my back. All this while, my Dad just sat there and was laughing loudly! He apparently saw what this fellow was doing – even opened the sippy cap for him and wanted to see to what extent this fellow would go!! Trust the thatha to be hand-in-hand with the mischief! And then DAd gives me an explanation – he was not satisfied with just wiping without water – so he poured the water on your back!! W.T.H!!!!

Finally, his Dad still has the split on his finger and he keeps asking everyday “Appa,abbu?” when he says yes, he comes back to me and shows his thumb and says “Amma, nannuuu abbu amma, kissie koDu”  Is this called Sympathy Pain? Whatever!


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