Simple Everyday Things…

That can make you happy:

Making sure that I work-out every morning for atleast half hour and the machine at the end of it shows a burn of 250Calories…

The small bit of effort in ‘dressing up’ to work doesnt go un-noticed! Everyone commenting on how good I drape the saree or how good the new dress looks on me. A pair of lens in place of thick specs, a matching bindi, eye liner, changed ear rings (I wear the one pair regularly and its kind of grown into my skin these days) and an added bracelet…

At the daycare: Ensuring the little one always has a spare set of clothes including the wipe cloths and bibs, matching coat and topi with the shirt and pant – an hour’s effort put over the weekend. And making sure he has different brkfast,different vegetable and a different snack everyday for dabba – all makes for a ‘Good Mommy’ tag! Ofcourse that makes me happy for the lack of sleep on sunday afternoon while I set his clothes for the week or the 15mins of less sleep time to pack everything…

Finally, some long forgotten messages from the hubby  😀
07/03/2008 at 7:19am that says: “Theres a nip in the air.Better take your coat”.
09/09/2008: “I lost to you eons ago” (obviously must have been some argument!)
23/12/2008: “Cool.Am near Swagruha Hotel.Still a long way to California” (I remember this-I had msgd him that I was listening to Hotel Califonia on the ipod)
26/03/2009: “I cancelled the sat practice.All the things I do for you grrr”
12/05/2009:”Listen to Radio city, am selected to go to SA, might be on air in 10mins” (This was his dream-got selected to watch the IPL 20-20 finals in SA because he answered all the questions right!)
08/06/2010: “Very hungry.Whats thr at home.” (Typical him – always hungry for junk food)
06/12/2010: “Hurray! The Gods have opened their eyes.Ur bill is less than mine” (On my mobile bill)
22/12/2010: “Did you see me.Smart man too” (When I msgd him that I saw some smart guy in the office canteen)
03/06/2011: “Just realised tht without u im not even half the person i am.Am in a meeting now.” (huh?)
15/09/2011: “Am getting into a call now.Will speak to you later. U r doing a great job. Just hang in thr” (when I was stressed in the previous project and was contemplating quitting).


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