Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards-2011

Yippeee! Im on cloud-9, 7th heaven – call it whatever! One of my posts won the award for this post under the Senior Citizens category. And for a non-writer for me, who doesnt even blog everyday – this comes as high as an Oscar award for me! And am in awe of the others who won in this competition and hold them in high regard – their views on subjects have definitely broadened my horizons! I didnt even think when I sent my entry – that it would even get a mention but yippee! I WON! So what if its 1 measly post while my fave bloggers lke RM, Sangi have won many…
IHM is someone I’ve been reading since the time I started blogging but I never had the guts to go leave a comment. I alwasy felt that I was such a ‘frog in the well’ when there were so many things happening around me and I didnt even know about them. So, winning something at her place gives me a great high.
Check out the rest of the categories and the winners – winners of many posts too! (awesome posts and a lot of fodder for thinking):


And its another pleasure since GVjee plans to even make an e-book of all the winning posts!

This is what IHM has commented:

Congratulations šŸ™‚ This post in one of the winners of ‘Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – 2011’ (TRBA 2011). We would like to create an ebook with all the winning entries in 47 categories on Feminism and Gender Issues in India (and one category on Animals Rights). Please do let us know if you are fine with your winning post/s being included in this ebook. ( Please click here to let us know). on Nuclear families/Elder care and such matters


What do you think?

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