The Long Happening Weekend…

Ohk! So I think I should start this weekend all the way as early as Thursday with Chutku’s Birthday party. Yeah, yeaa – there was a party and cake cutting in the office day care with 2 more girls who celebrated their birthdays a few days before his. So, there was this HUGE 5kg cake with Mickie,Minnie,Donald that the friends (moms of the other 2 girls) had ordered and the juice and hte balloons. All the arrangements were done by these 2 lovely ladies who spared me the effort of running around. At 3pm we met at the day care only to see that all the 3 Birthday babies were asleep peacefully. What do you know – they HAD to sleep only that day for so long na? So each mom woke up the child – I even woke him up with kisses and while the other 2 girls got up happily and got ready in new cothes this Lord and Master -unhappy with being woken up threw a tantrum to get into 1 T-shirt and suspenders! His caretaker asked me to leave and get things ready at the canteen where we were cutting the cake and she got him ready…

While everyone assembled at 3.15 at the canteen, our little monster decided he was unhappy and uncomfortable with the few people assembled and stuck to his Dad like glue – refused to cut the cake and was howling with tears and runny nose through out the ceremony. The 2 girls were grabbing the knife or eating directly from their hands the yummy cake while Hubby had to take the little fellow away and to soothe him. I tried feeding a bit of the cake and he just spit it right back into my hands! :-O The only thing he did have is a little bit of the juice that we had got to give to the team members of the other 2 mommies!!
Friday – On Tuesday, amidst all the hecticness (if there is such a word) Hubby got a call from Shopper’ Stop – to say that they were giving out Don 2 movie tickets at Forum for the Friday evening 6.45 show! 😀 So, Wednesday night hubby picked up the tickets along with free passes for pepsi and popcorn (ofcourse-one (rather hubby) cant watch a movie without these 2 must-haves na). Friday evening saw us hurry home in the holiday traffic, drop chutku home and rush to the theatre. We must’ve missed the first 10mins or so of the movie, but then its nothing really great to rave about. Ofcourse, we are cheap that ways – why leave free movie tickets? Even if you didnt want to really watch the movie… After all that popcorn and pepsi we werent really hungry and went to transit to eat something light for dinner. It was already 9.30pm and while I was looking around to catch a place for us – I happened to see the kids’ play area, went and sat there. Cant get the ‘Mommy’ out of me now, can I? We watched the little kids playing cars and slides and were thinking maybe we should take the little fellow there sometime…

Saturday – First day of the 3 day long weekend. Friends from US were here in Blore and were flying out that night – so we started early (9am) ,dropped mom to her office and drove all the way across the city to Vijayanagar to meet them. Their 3.5yrs old is sooo adorable. He doesnt like to hug,kiss girls or even talk to them itseems :-O So I had fun teasing him. Because he was older, he kept giving Chutku instructions like how he gets it – dont climb the stairs, dont touch the remote – small kids should not touch the camera – with wide eyes and finger waving – it was sooo adorable to watch that 😀  Im waiting for those pics that were clicked now…
We spent more time there than planned and on the way thankfully Chutku dozed off in the car. That gave me enough time to pick up my new clothes frm the tailor (planning to wear new clothes the whole next week :-)) and then went to do more shopping 😀
For the first time I had decided that I will not be taking any food from home for the little fellow-we will make him eat idly where ever we eat lunch. So, we went to a good restaurant and while the waiter got idly for the little fellow – he insisted that he wanted to eat it himself in spoon  ‘chuttu thinthi,poon thinthi’ *eye rolling*. I somehow managed to shove 1 idly inside while he dirtied the whole table and also managed to put some food inside ourselves too… The little fellow liked the lemon juice so much -especially drinking with straw that he had quite a bit and I let him be despite the runny nose…
After lunch we went curtain shopping -now that the house cleaning spree is done,we decided to buy new curtains to the living and dining rooms and we went shopping for that. Spent an hour at a local shop and did huge shopping for 9 curtains for 8K (Sangi – this one’s for you-need to know if Srirampuram is cheaper than this). I was so happy that I got what I want that I convinced hubby to take us to Corner House for ice cream. Also, thought that Chutku can have some Milk Shake there to compensate for the lack of lunch. He had a little bit of hubby’s litchie milk shake and while I took Apple Cake for his sake he didnt even smell it    😦 So I HAD to eat it-whether I liked it or not *Sigh* all the sacrifices for the child….
Sunday – I had planned and taken appointment at Lakme and after yummy brkfast that mom made I just rushed for a morning all for myself. Unfortunately my face is dried up so much that even the fruit massage has dried it up further and Im struggling now. Hubby’s laughing at me saying I looked ok before the parlor visit! 😦
Afternoon as planned (kinda a date with just hubby and me!) we went to Blossoms bookhouse thinking I will buy my list of Indu sundereshan and Chitra Diwakaruni but unfrotunately most Indian author books were out of stock 😦  Anyway -I still wanted to buy some bedtime story books for Chuktu (He’s ben asking for thathe (Kathe/Story) every night and since the stupid me has forgotten all those granma stories I bought some animal story book and aesop,panchatantra story books for him. Hubby picked up his David Baldacci’s (He’s gotten into this author mode and wants to collect all his books!) and Perry Masons while I picked up the usual Jodi Picoult,Nicholas Sparks and only 1 book – the Immortals of Meluha… that I really wanted and was in my list…
From there we went to Garuda Mall to check out for some place for dinner and sinc eHubby didnt want to eat the ‘same old North Indian’ we decided to eat Sizzlers at Kobe’ Sizzlers. We reached the place at 6.45 and hubby got a brain wave that he wanted to see MI4 if we got the tickets. Lucky for him there was 1 show beginning at  6.50! and there were the last 2 tickets available – call that dumb luck! So, we first went to the movie(which is by far better than Don-2) and at 9.30pm went to Kobe. Thankfully it wasnt that crowded so we soon got a place to sit and we ordered yummy veg sizzler and even yummier sizzling chocolate brownie *sluurrrppp* we even went a step further with a glass of wine each! Talk to making the  most out of the opportunity!

Monday – was also a holiday for us. Yippeee! So, another thing to check off my to-do list – Chutku’s haircut. Which was a nightmare. He cried and twisted and turned and howled and called out to his Ajji who had accompanied – all the while I was holding him tight in my arms. “Amma,please huggie, please onana (lets go), beda amma plz beda (no amma plz no),bhaya amma (scared)” he went on and on for the 5 mins of sheer torture for me. Poor fellow.Sigh! But cant be helped. His grandparents also bought him a tricycle for his birthday and we also did the weekly/monthly shopping – all accomplished before noon.Came home, had lunch and while Chutku slept I kept everything ready for the week. Got a call from Co-sis saying her family would be visiting us – made strawberry milkshake before they got home – which except for the little fellow (chenna illa – not nice!) everyone drank with relish… By the time they left – my brother and SIL came (who are going to stay with us this whole week) and the day ended with me going up to sleep and kathe for the little one while they all sat chatting 😦 *sigh* again, the sacrifices one has to make for the child…

Whew! There ends my weekend updates 😀 RM – I think I beat you with such a long post this time 😛


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