Friday Fun – The last of the series

Some more Car tales:

He has now figured out which is the AC button.So, the other day morning he says-Appa, thumba thun appa, AC on maadu!! And Hubby just acts like he pressed the AC button and what do we know-Appa, AC on maadu (in a higher pitch) and though hubby says he has done it the little fellow is not convinced. He bends as much as he can, puts his hand near the AC vent(yeah! I taught him that) and checks for the cool air and then checks for the green AC light on the dash board-Appa, AC illa, On Maadu. This time around there was no fooling him. We HAD to switch the AC on! :-O
I was trying to put his topi on his head-imagine,Im sitting in the back seat and he is sitting strapped in the front seat and by mistake he turned and my finger poked his eye. I felt bad enough, said sorry,wiped the tears and *then* began the drama – “Appa, Amma Abbu,Appa, Chuttuuu aLu (cry),Atti maadu( hit her!)” He made it pretty clear to his Dad that I hurt him and made him cry so he should scold me. He sulked for quite a few mins when his Dad refused to hit/scold me and instead said “Paapa Amma,she didnt do it on purpose, see even she is crying” !!!
He has always been picking up on the vehicles on the road (Ofcourse because he IS on the road for nearly 3hrs everyday!) and can recognise all the vehicles. Now even the bus has sub categories-Volvo bus, red bus, mini bus and then bari bus (just) bus. What is bari bus? – A bus that is not  volvo,mini or school bus
😀 And why is that-because when he was pointing to the regular BMTC buses and calling them volvo-we told him that its not a volvo but its a regular/normal bus-hence bari bus. 😀 Now how can we correct that logic?
We listen to radio in the car- and he tries to pick up the words and hum along. Usually the catch words like ‘Ole,Ole’ and ‘Chammak Challo’. Even the advertisements. He goes “Radiooo unnnn” 🙂 And he also does little jigs with it – ask him to bummy shake and he shakes his diapered bum and he now moves his head up and down to kolaveri! :-O (Yeah! I know, but since he doesnt understand it,Im still ok with him listening to it one-off times)

The other day, hubby hadnt heard the kolaveri song and since we were stuck in a traffic jam, he decided to download it onto his phone and we heard it in the car. After that the little fellow wanted to listen to it once more and so kept trying to get the phone kept in hubby’s pocket. So, hubby changed the song and while I distracted the little fellow-he kept the phone on the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The next time Chutku put his hand inside the pocket and didnt find it hubby said “Kaaka ussshhhh” (the crow took it) and the little fellow immediately says “Kaaka usshh illa, pone alli,song alli” and points to the phone 😛 The hubby now realises that its not at all easy to fool the little bugger 😀

OK, with this I think I will end the friday fun-Chutku series. I started this initially thinking that these days there are so many things he is learning and doing that I will document them and then without realising it went on for upto 2 months! With his Bday coming up next week-I think this was a nice round up to that 🙂 Lets see if I can come up with a Bday post for him next week and end this here… For all of you (special mention to Seema-who mailed me asking for the friday fun post:-) ) Thanks a lot! for enjoying my son’s antics as much as me and along with me! 😀


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