Friday Fun: Surprise Mamma – Im growing up!

Im surprised and amazed at his level of understanding concepts and how he applies it at the right moment:

The minute he sees a green signal he starts “Amma, oonnanna (hogona-lets go) amma,thun cheep, geen iight, amma, chanda maama, iLLiii (get down) ” I keep telling him that until the sun sleeps, chanda maama comes and we get the green signal we cant get down, cant go home – so the minute he notices that its become dark,sees the moon or the green light he asks me to get down from the bus!

And he can figure out which of the cross roads is ours – he waits until all the other cross roads are done and the screams ‘illi,illi’ (here, here) and then screams ‘mannneeeee’ (home) even before we stop in front of the house.

How he knows his different names:

Im taking this from Comfy’s post on names. I realised that I havent actually put all the names we call him. Now he knows who calls him what and when asked –

Pacchu thatha (My Dad): Thai th… (his name)

Ammamma: “Banguuu” Short form for Bangara (meaning Gold in kannada)

R Thatha (FIL): Tinku Paapa

Ajji: Calls him all God names: Krishna,Ganesha,Subrahmani…

Appa: GundaNNaaa

Amma: Chutttuuuu (Chutku ofcourse, though I call him a hundred other names like Chinna,Raja or sometimes nautanki, little monster – and he reacts to all of them with a hmmm?)

Context: When he asks for something that we are eating and its spicy/hot and I cannot give it to him – I tell him ‘Bisi’ (hot) or ‘Khaara’ (spicy) and tell him that he cannot eat it.

One evening,last week, after my parents returned from a wedding they had got puri unde-a laddoo made of puffed rice. I love it and wanting to see if Chutku will like it too – I gave a little to him. He loved it. Came back and asked me for more. I was so happy that I gave him the entire big laddoo and he ran away happily. A few minutes later after he had nibbled enough on that and lost interest,I asked him to give what was remaining back to me-His reaction “Beda Amma,khaara,Chuttu Thinthi” (No Amma,its spicy, Chutku eat) And my parents were laughing their head off while I was trying to put my dropped jaw back in place! How the little fellow made sense of the whole thing and how my own words came right back at me!

Oh! And he very well knows that all the used tumblers and plates to into the kitchen sink. So he keeps waiting for everyone to finish their coffee and comes and asks “aaitha” (Finished?) then takes the tumblers,runs to the kitchen sink and drops it so loud that it echoes around the house. Unfortunately if he gets the urge to put something in the sink and he doesnt get anything – he opens the drawer,icks up an cleaned and wiped vessel he can get his hands on and thump,thadak it goes into the kitchen sink 😦 – we will be forced to rinse/wash that all over again.

Hubby has thus named him “weapon of mass destruction”!

And oh! I spent a couple of days effort in teaching him sunday,monday and he now tells all the 7 days and by the time it comes to ‘thathaday’ his eyes are searching for me for approval and smile 😀 – And when hubby mentioned to a friend that Chutku can now tell A-Z,1-10,most english rhymes,days of the week the friend I believe said that his 3yr old daughter is now learning all this. And I was thinking of slowly introducing Shapes to him since he seems to be learning quite fast and interested too. its not that I make him sit with me and teach him-its just while playing that i show him something new and teach him something generally in the car/bus…

But now I wonder – Am I over doing it? Should I just let it be?

(Chutku says: Pic taken at a cousin’s birthday party while I was busy collecting the colorful thermocol balls)


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