Friday Fun – Sleep tales and No touching rule

Sleep patterns: Earlier before my parents shifted, he would have his dinner and then lie down on the mattress in the living room and roll around,eventually going to sleep. The only criteria was that I need to be sitting there while he fell asleep which would take anywhere between 1/2 hr to 45 mins. These days with my parents around he gets distracted by any movement and refuses to sleep. So, the minute His Highness puts his head to the mattress there is generally no movement or stealthy movements around! No mixie, no cooker-no noise basically! Sometimes even that doesnt work and these days I take him up to the room to sleep. Now, His Highness cannot just go to sleep without making his slaves work for him-can he? So AFTER we go up his demands start-for water(Sippy nee), milk (haalu), Auto - sometimes some rubbish that doesnt even make sense. Most days I just distract him or refuse to react. But when he asks for water (which by the way he does only on days that I've forgotten to take  up with me) I usually call my Dad or Hubby on their mobiles (Yes, from upstairs to downstairs) and ask them to supply it-coz if I get up then the little monster will follow right behind!! - Imagine that!! 

Ah! And he has this habit of sleep talking too-he rolls around saying "Thatha theethampatheetha pumpin theetha, humpthy thumpthy" and the first couple of times he did this both hubby and me woke up with a jolt stayed awake for a few minutes, realized he was sleep talking and with an audible sigh of relief went back to sleep. The other night even as we were sleeping, he sat up said "Amma,volvo busssuuu, amma,red bussuuu" and I said "hmmm Volvo bussu thaachi (sleep)" and he just hit the bed back again - Im still not sure if he heard me or just that his sleep episode got over and he went back to sleep!
1 for the stolen moment:
Middle of the night, with eyes closed he calls out to me "Amma,amma" and as soon as I respond in sleep he crawls/rolls towards my voice and settles down in the crook of my arm/on my stomach - touching me as if to get my body warmth. At those times (only) he sighs if I turn towards him and spoon him into my body and immediately I can feel that he's back to deep sleep. I stay awake a few moments longer just to feel that moment πŸ™‚ 

The "No Touching rule": 

I love his possessiveness. He just cant stand anyone touching me. A couple of weeks back my brother had come and he had his hand over my shoulder sitting on the sofa - this little fellow comes and pushes his hand away and tells me "Huggiieeee" and gives me a hug.

I so love to watch this that sometimes I go, hold hubby's hand or hug and then we both call him if he is not looking - he comes running and says "Yettha,peech yettha,huggiee" And then we lift him up for the group hug πŸ™‚

In the car,Hubby was teaching something silly to Chutku(I dont even remember what it was now) and I hit his shoulder to stop it. Unfortunately the little fellow saw it and began hitting Hubby just like I did. To stop him from hitting I touched Hubby's shoulder and told Chutku "Paapa Appa, abbu - no hitting" the next second the hitting was all turned towards me! He pushed my hand away and began to hit me saying "No touching! Appa driving amma, no touching!" -My own words coming right back at me in a matter of minutes. How soon they grasp...

*Pic taken by my friend today just before we got onto the bus πŸ™‚ *

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