Why the hate on Why this kolaveri?

I actually liked the song and it has grown on me. Im seen mildly head banging at work with the ‘papapapaan papapapaan papapapaapapapaan‘ running in my head! I actually first saw it on youtube after reading Sangi’s post. And then the beats got to me. The lyris are so stupid that it easily got into my head without any effort! AND most of all I loved the way Dhanush himself has sung this song and the enthu rubbed off too – see that part where he says  ‘reverse gear’? 🙂 I kind of liked all that. To add to that bro called all the way from Singapore and asked Dad to check out this song because its the latest doing the rounds and hubby even showed the song to Dad!!
I totally agree with everyone who has criticised it for the (non)music it has and the irrelavent lyrics – but that IS the USP of the song! and Im sure that this craze will also die down the minute the publicity its getting dies down too… And isnt this the trend  these days? Of meaningless lyrics and just beats? Why, even in kannada we have “system ye sari illa chombeshwara, Prime Minister aagbidla onde sala?” (system is only not all right, so shall i just become the prime minister once for all) and there is this “Kathleli karadige yaavatthu jaamoon thinisokke hogbaardu ree” (dont try to feed a bear jamoon in the darkness – WTH??) – so why are we even thinking of lyrics here? – its just catchy and it will last a few days with everyone humming it and laughing about it and then its gone…
Ofcourse these songs and movies cannot be compared to the erstwhile cinema and the soulful songs in any language.And I will not even get into the 60’s, 70’s or even before that music – that will need a post of its own and I dont even have the right words to put my thoughts and feelings on that.
Even while we were growing up we had lovely romantic songs and we also had the one off ‘item’ song with cheezy lyrics and gyrating dance moves- remember the ‘tu cheez badi hai mast mast’? or all those Karishma Kapoor and Govinda movies – I remember especially one song – ‘se*y se*y se*y mujhe log bole” and there was a huge hue and cry on those lyrics and then Alisha Chinoy re-sang that song with the lyrics changed to “baby baby baby…” Im sure nobody remembers these songs now…(I thought a lot to recollect these songs all through the day today, just to post it here!!)  So… live it,enjoy it if you can, while it lasts and then forget about it…
I really dont get the whole idea of opposing a song that actually doesn’t have crappy double meaning lyrics or even for that matter dance moves. How many such songs do we get to see these days – Tell me what you think about Kareena kapoor’s costume and the moves in Chammak Challo? If that is acceptable then why not Kolaveri?

What do you think?

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