Friday Fun – More Travel tales

Car Tales:

when we travel in the car he sits in he front seat strapped to his car seat. And everyday at a particular signal where we take a U-Turn the sun hits directly into the car at 7.30am. So, most days he says - Amma,Thumba Thun amma (Lot of Sun) and I generally remove the seat belt and take him back. This last friday was gloomy day and drizzling but the minute we came to the junction he said "Amma,Thumba thun amma" And we burst into laughter - It was only then I realised that he was using this as a tactic to get out of the car seat and come back so he can move around more freely!! How he has learnt to fool Amma now itself! I wonder how much of a bigger topi he will put going forward! :-O

One more on the drame baazi - a minute after Dad softly hit him on the leg because he was trying to push the gear with his leg-sitting strapped to the car seat! He squeezed his eyes tight shut and got tears, then began to cry -and we were watching the whole process and laughing 🙂 - yeah, we love to watch him do his nautanki and then he went and hugged his Dad with quivering lips and all and the Dad melted-stopped the car and gave him a huggie and all was well in the front seat again!
Bus tales:

Needing audience - Now I've already mentioned about his theetha aunty. If she doesnt come in the bus and someone else sits next to us, this fellow needs to make that person talk to him. He calls out to the person and talks some non-sense and the person looks at my face to understand what he is telling and then I need to translate - whew! Pretty embarrassing sometimes especially when he needs to audience even when he is trying to bite my cheek or putting his little finger into my mouth or nose!!

1 for the Embarrass Mamma series: His vocabulary has improved enough to make proper sense now - He pooped in the diaper on the way back home "Amma, Diapy, illi, kakka!! " Screams in the bus and everyone turns to look at me with raised eye-brows. No choice but to just give a sheepish smile 😦
That picture: busy telling me some story while rushing to the bus one evening and refusing to hold my hand 🙂


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