Weekend Updates -on a midweek…

After readins RM’s weekend post I thought I had quite an eventful weekend too. Especially RM eating the Sev Puri part 🙂

Saturday was a lazy day until afternoon. Post lunch we were supposed to go out,leaving the little fellow with my mom. But then Cousin C came and we sat chatting until about 6pm. Its nice to have unexpected guests dropping in these days because of the parents. So, we had no mood to go out but certain things just HAD to be done. Now, I have this mental block about tailors and certain shops. I need to go to Gandhi Bazaar (My Dad says its something like ‘Maika’ to me) only to get those things done – now people in Blore will know how difficult it is to maneuvour one-self in that Bazaar on a saturday evening. Its mostly just 1 long street with just about everything you want, available. So, with the little one safe at home with mom, hubby and I took Dad’s 2 wheeler and left. Wow! I think we were going on a 2 wheeler after a couple of years,no wait! nearly 3 yrs considering the time from pregnancy! Brought back nice memories – of being irresponsible and care-free…

Let me record for posterity here that I was without a Mangalsutra around my neck for quite a few months coz I didnt have the time to get it repaired. And I got varied reactions for that – with people suggesting various poojas to be done, gasping at my total nonchalance about not wearing it or about it breaking into two… Well! So, finally this saturday we got that repaired (which actually was more of a bahana) and then went to eat at the E.A.T street for the amazing chaats. This again I hadnt eaten in nearly 3yrs and I was literally craving for it. Now, THIS is the reason why Im putting up this post – I ate Churmuri and tomato masala at that gaadi in front of bugle rock – Man! Im still drooling over that, and still dissatisfied 😦 I love love love churmuri (bhel) that he makes and I never have dinner after that… After that did some more shopping and went back home. We are so used to going everywhere by car these days that the little wind blowing made us feel cold – and made us feel old! that we cannot withstand this little bit of wind while we would drive around town until past 11 on the 2 wheeler just a couple of years before…How the body gets used to luxury!

Sunday morning,mom wanted some time-out from Chutku to do her own thing – he NEVER lets her be when we are at home especially if she is busy with some task. And speaking of luxury we are thinking of buying a new car for ourselves and returning the in-laws’ Alto back to them -so we had planned to go check out something at the show-room. We packed up the little monster and took him along too instead of leaving him at home with the parents… And what does he do there – run around like crazy around all the cars, sitting inside all the cars like he was the one making the buying decision and honking like crazy! God! While the hubby spoke to the sales-person I went bonkers trying to get hold of a little speed maniac! Oh and by the way – the sales-person while filling out the form asked me – “Madam, do you also work with Sir in the same organisation?”
Me: Yes! (eh?!) how do you know?
SP: I have seen you…
Me: Seen me? Where? :-O
SP: When we put up those sales advertisements in the office – I come there…I have seen you in the office.
ME: Oh! (Giving him a huge smile and Secretly pleased that Im still noticable!-being a mom and age, ungainly bulges in the wrong places and all – ofcourse he doesnt need to know that, does he?)

And when I mentioned to hubby that the Sales person has seen me in the office he says: “Oh! he must have seen you taking Chutku back to the bus in the evenings – is it?” -*bang,thud,phooos* Trust this husband to bring me,rather, plonk me back on the ground. And while I couldnt keep quiet and told him that I was feeling happy about it and there was no mention of chuktu in the conversation anywhere – he *then* understood what I was saying and guess what his reaction was – he just stood there and laughed loud and so hard that he had to put Chutku down and hold onto his sides!! 😦

So to compensate for all that laughter – he took Chutku out in the evening giving me some precious me-time to just lounge on the sofa and change channels for a couple of hours which helped me nurse my BAD cold 🙂

There – that was quite a mixture of a weekend and am already looking forward to this weekend too… Hopefully – Book shopping  this weekend! Yippeeee!! Have a fun wednesday everyone…


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