Friday fun: Equation with the grand parents

I’ve put here time and again on how both sets of grand parents are obsessed with the grand child and how he knows and identifies each one by their roles. Now that my parents have shifted with us the occurance of instances with them have multiplied and here are a few of them that I can remember…

Dad has a habit of wearing a topi in the evenings and mornings when the temp drops. So, in the evenings Chutku is used to seeing Dad with a topi sleeping on the sofa watching TV. The other evening Dad was sitting/lying down on another sofa and seriously watching a movie. Chutku goes to him – “Thatha,Thatha, yeeuu (yeLu – Get up)”

Dad very irritatedly got up and asked “Yaako” (Why)

Chutku: “Illi baa” pointing to another sofa (come here)

Dad Goes and sits there.

Chutku picks up the sofa cushions, pushes them under Dad’s head and asks “Topi yelli”

Then Dad says I dont want topi now. But the little fellow is not convinced. Goes to the bed room,searches for the topi, comes back,gives it to Dad “Haako” (wear it).

At the end of this Dad was overwhelmed. Ayio, this little fellow loves me so much – he’s heard saying to everyone these days 🙂

My in-laws call everyday (or I call them) and they talk to the little fellow on phone. He either tells A-Z and other rhymes with my MIL or tells FIL that he played/ate and some random nonsense to FIL.

Its so difficult with this fellow keeping tabs on every action of mine. I have this habit of talking on the phone walking. I just cannot sit in one place and talk. And I have no idea when the little monster noticed it as I really dotn talk much with him around. But still, yesterday my FIL called and asked to talk to him-this fellow,held the phone between his sholder and ear, began to walk around and talk sometimes even giggle and do something else – like picking toys. My parents and hubby just could’nt control their laughter – Hubby even recorded the whole thing to show me again and again later that THAT was exactly how I talk on phone! :-O -talking,walking,doing multiple things…

He is now used to my Dad picking us up from the bus stand (Another perk of having parents staying with me 🙂 ). Yesterday we went back home with hubby. The minute we turned to the quieter street from the main road, he asks me “Amma, thatha yelli, broooom,brooom, thatha thoonthe (scooter!), hemt (Helmet), mane” _ does that make sense to you all too?

Mom and Dad have a schedule – Dad does pooja in the mornings and Mom in the evenings. So, mornings when Chutku comes down, he insists that he wants to be carried when Dad is doing the Abhisheka.So, if on a saturday,Dad has finished or not yet started the pooja-he asks – Thatha, Aum aaitha? (Finished saying Aum? meaning pooja) He doesnt ask mom then.

And in the evenings as soon as we come home, he asks “Ammamma yelli?” Finds her and asks “Aum Aaiytha?” He ejoys watching them do the pooja everyday and has taken to saying Aum with Dad a couple of times and roams behind mom when she is doing the Tulasi pooja in the mornings. Im now asking them only to teach him a few easy shlokas since he seems to be enjoying them. Good for me!

Mom has begun to put a little bit of boost/complan in the mornings when she is making milk for us. And the minute he sees her in the kitchen he goes asking “Ammamma, compan,compan” and she HAS To give it to him else he makes her carry him,points to the dabba abd insists until he’s been fed. So, these days even some medicines are also being pushed down the throat mixed in a little bit of complan – whatever works!
So there – as expected he is  getting more attached to them by the day and wants them most of the times now than Amma…


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