Surprises – The New Dove Oil care product

I have been wanting to write this post for more than a month now for the Indiblogger contest for Dove. Not that I wanted to participate in the contest but then I know its not good blogger ethics if I dont even mention what I got! Hence this delayed post.

The weekend of my Birthday, while checking my e-mails I saw this mailer from Indi-Blogger that said that there are free offers of the new Dove Oil care products and all one had to do was give the address so that they would courier it home. And since I hadnt got any gifts and feeling sorry for myself – went ahead, gave the address and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks later I got this huge courier and couldnt even guess what it was until I opened it and got this lovely Golden piped transparent bag which had all these Dove goodies inside it! I was so surprised and happy! It seemed like a Birthday present at that time. I decided to use it and then put up a post/take a picture in the enthu but thats been so long in the making *looks sheepish*
Well! To add to that, I got my hair cut really short this time and have been using that product  for about a month now – the mask,serum,conditioner and Shampoo and am loving it – my hair does feel soft and nice to touch and Im happy that it doesnt look frizzy at all. Also, the conditioner doesnt make my hair look oily either! Suuper. So, Im putting up this post to acknowledge that I did recieve the Dove Gifts from Indi Blogger and Im thanking them for it.

So, all you indi bloggers – go check it out – there might be more of such offers coming up frequently and Im going to participate more often!! Who doesnt want to win such goodies for free!??

(pic courtesy: – since I didnt get the time to take a picture- I googled and got the picture of the products along with those golden balls like how it was packed -so posting it here).


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