Karnataka Heritage Trip – Oct 30

Day 2 – We covered most places on this day and were on the road from 7am to around 8.30pm. Well worth the driving I must say. We even ate at the Mahakoota temple where they were giving free lunch. Plenty of such places in Karnataka where they give the afternoon lunch for free and the food will just be yummy. Though we were very late and didnt get the curry – we did eat just the rice,rasam and yummy curd set in earthen pots – so the curd had a nice earthen smell to it.  We reached Koodalasangama at 8.30 and while the rest of them went to have dinner, chutku and I just slept…

AiHole,Pattadakal,Mahakoota.Banashankari and Badami were the places we covered.These places dont have cluster of archeological sites-  just a couple of ruins each and they are again a reminder of all the plunder our rich country went through. What saddned me most was the sight of the lovely carvings where the hands/face have all been smashed and the original work of art has all been kind of demolished. Im still left wondering what was the need to do all that? They did come and plunder and take away the riches – but why spoil the work of art- a painstaking effort on stone done lovingly by the artist over God knows how many months/years 😦 

Pictures speak a thousand words:

The temple Gopuram at AihoLe

Pattadakal Archeological Complex

Pattadakal – full temple view



notice the intricate carvings

Carvings on the outer wall

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