Karnataka Heritage Trip – Oct 29

Before I forget all about the trip we had a couple weekends back – I thought I should document it in day-series.

Day 1: Oct 28: We left Blore at about 7.15 – 15mins delay which got made up by the supperb driving by the BIL (Hubby’s cousin) on the NICE road. We went in serach of a Kamat restaurant near a place called Sira on the way which was supposed to be a couple of hours drive. We left a lot of retaurants on the way because we had heard that would be the best. When we finally found it-it was on the other side of the road, and we went and went and went in search of a break in the road divider for about 2kms with no break! Finally we found a brk and we also found a Jai Hind restaurant – a run-down place which still served amazing Chow chow bhaat and idly. I was glad for the idly and fed Chutku that while we all had other stuff to eat. Anywhere on a road trip – we generally enjoy the Chai/coffee from these small shops-how could we let that go?

We reached Hospet well on time and since it was still 12.30pm we decided to see the Tunga Bhadra dam on the way. The minute we stopped the clouds gathered and except for a few mins we walked in light rain (a little more than drizzle) all the way to the TB dam. The saddest part was that they do not allow anyone on the dam for security reasons and we had to be satisfied standing quite some distance away,looking at the water and taking pictures (small digression here: I wanted Chutku to enjoy walking on the dam like I had when I was around 5 and I remember the dam was full and overflowing – i was holding onto both mom and dad and we had walked on the dam and seen the water which was almost overflowing. No such luck though 😦 )

We reached our hotel by 2pm, had lunch and rushed to Hampi. It poured all through the drive and eased-up by the time we reached Hampi. Hired a guide and went around looking at the most important sites – all well maintained by the archeological department.Lotus mahal for the queens,Elephant stables,Ugra Narasimha, Virupaksha temple, The rich street where they sold pearls,corals and other precious stones as a barter system. Ah! To just imagine such richness… We saw the stone Ratha (chariot) and the temple pillars that when hit, each small pillar sounds to one sapta swara – Sa,Re,Ga,MA,Pa,Dha,Ni,Sa. Oh! I forgot to add that we had to ride in a electic cart (like a golf cart) driven by the ladies to the Stone Chariot which Chutku called ‘Auto’! While waiting for the ride back everyone ate gaadi ice cream which we even gave a bite to the little fellow who initially shuddered and then asked for more 😛

We saw the most important sights in Hampi coz like the guide said – it will take atleast 10 days to see all the ruins of the place, and we had only 3-4 hrs 😦 This day was the best because the weather was so pleasant that we all enjoyed walking around while everyone had scared us that it would be very hot.On the way back to Hospet my niece wanted to eat noodles:-) and so we went to a big restaurant,had dinner in peace(the little fellow thankfully slept on the drive back) and just crashed as we had an early next morning to see most places: Badami,Pattadakal,AihoLe,Mahakoota and Banashankari…

Yeah, I know the description of actual Hampi is very short, but sometimes things cannot be said – they only have to be experienced. So, I will just let you see for yourself:

Stone Chariot


The entire kingdom of Hampi under the Krishna Deva Raya rule – Vijayanagara empire

Lotus Mahal-Zanana-The queens’ bathing area
Elephant Stables

The stone pillars which sing Sapta Swara

Plenty of such carvings that were broken during the Bahamani conquer 😦


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