Friday Fun – Chutku’s trip tales

What trip? – you are all wondering, i know. The last weekend was a long one-well we made it a long one by taking 31st off – since 1st was anyway a holiday on behalf of Karnataka Rajyotsava. And we along with Hubby’s cousins family – him, his wife and 8 yr old daughter went on a Karnataka Heritage trip. More about that in detail later, but here are a few things related to Chutku through those 4 days…

# On the day we left and through out the trip – Doddamma/Doddappa/N Akka were the magic words. To eat,sleep,even to get the diaper changed!

# The fact that his Appa was not driving was a blessing for me. He refused to come down from his father’s lap and sit back with me – that gave me my own physical space. Yeah, for someone who travels with tiny feet,hands,elbows, knees, head jutting and hitting at odd places through out the 1.5 hrs journey one way everyday – it was sooo good to have my body to myself. And at the same time there was also a sense of not having something!

# He took his time to get adjusted to N akka and after that she had to be in his view through out – otherwise the Q – N Akka yelli would bug us – even if she went to the loo!

#Oh! but then the possessiveness wouldnt go at all. I plaited N akka’s hair into 4 small plaits and she loved it. But there was a small fire of jealousy in the little fellows little belly. So, he asked for a juttu too and when I told him that I didnt have any more rubber bands left, he threw a tantrum.Finally, I had to put a scrunchy and make a juttu for him *rolls eyes*

# On the way there were huge wind mills and to keep him distracted his doddappa showed them to him and told them that they were Fans. From then on till the end of the journey there was constant search for the phaan.

# The usual tantrums of wanting to drive! The minute the driver got out of the car-he would jump,wriggle – do anything to sit in that seat and he would start his mock driving – drroommmmm, peem,peem…

# That reminds me, through out the trip, at all places they have put cement slabs for all the archeological sites – and those were the F1 racing routes for the little fellow – he would runnnnn around like he was driving the F1 car, trip and fall.Finally after the 4th fall he scraped his knee and after that it was all about ‘Abbu’ and sad smiley face. The nautanki.

# And Nautanki reminds me – he hit me once because I didnt let him go to his father who was driving – at a really good speed (burning rubber my co-sis said) on the highway. So, I asked him to say sorry and scolded him. For that he cried – we could all see the way he got the tears to his eyes! called out to his doddappa/doddamma/N Akka who all ignored him on my instructions and when he finally realised that nothing will work he came back to me, hugged my legs and asked to be lifted. When I insisted that he has to say sorry first – he looked around to ensure that nobody was looking at him and then very softly said “Thoyyiii”!!

# And what really worked most was this – his vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds. How much he can talk now! He kept repeating our words thru the journey and that helped him learn a lot more words now…

#Finally, on the way back, he got such a huge bout of laauuvv for N Akka that he sat on her lap,pinched her cheeks,sang chubby cheeks for her,kissed her,hugged and smothered her 😀 And it was a real cute site to see.

Even after 4 days he is still asking – N Akka yelli….

Leaving you with a few pictures.



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