Denise the Menace and 90s songs…

Confused with the title? Well thats what this weekend was all about…

After a long time Chutku and I spent the weekend at our own home! With my parents away in Shirdi and my In-Laws for a weekend outing with friends – we werent expecting anyone home and had no where to go either! so what did we do – we slept and we slept and we listened to lovely 90s songs (Oh! remind me to put those links) and danced to it too 🙂 In between we managed to clean the kitchen/change bedsheets and all other sundry weekend tasks also got done in no hurry – No Hurry – that was the catch word for the weekend…
And why only chutku and I? Chutku’s Dad was away at work – his project release having been postponed by 1 more week 😦 God! Im looking forward to his release more than him I think! 3 months now without a weekend and long 12 hr days…
And all the menaces that the little Denise did:
Started with breaking my specs into 2 halves resulting in me going naked eye for 2 whole days 😦 Yet to get my new frame and am temporarily wearing disposable lens today and squinting making, everyone in the office ask what happened!
Then he pulled the bed side drawer so hard that the entire drawer and the contents all collapsed – on his little finger which resulted in howling one can only imagine!
Again on saturday evening he fell flat on his face and has a nice blue bruise on that flat nose – playing in front of the house – what rain and cemented slope in front of the house gate can do…
He has discovered sketch pens! And we have a new artist and drawings on the dining room walls, I tried hiding one with a chair but now a new one has come up thats right next to the utility door and I can do nothing about it. That was what he was searching for (after I hid it) in the drawer that fell on his finger…
Have you ever seen a young boy fascinated with bangles? Im tired of hiding it from him – he somehow figures it out and all my bangles get strewn all around the house.Thankfully they are metal bangles – but they are all new – ones I bought for the wedding recently 😦 I need to desperately alter the contents of every drawer in the room…
And  finally – to make him true to his name, we got him a hair cut yesterday evening – the entire Unisex parlor stopped functioning and was watching the proceedings – Imagine hubby actually sitting on the chair and holding him, me holding the little hands and head and Chutku screaming pleadingly “Ammaaaa, aaaammmmmaaaaaa” while the young hair dresser was sweating profusely to cut the 4 and 20 hair on the little fellows head – so finally – my Baby became a Boy yesterday and Im still wiping my tears… And he looks JUST like Denise the Menace including the cowlick that stands on top of the head!!
Listening to all nice 90s songs – taht started with my SIL sending me the link on youtube for the Superhit Muquabla and Top 10 songs. And I was selecting songs on collections to listen to all the 90s songs yesterday – Raah mein unse, Sambhala Hai maine, Chehra Kya Dekh te ho, Chaaha Toh Bahot, Is tarah aashiqui ka asar chod jaaoonga, Jhanjhariya – memories anyone?
And then today morning on Radio heard this: Ghar Se Nikalthe Hi… instant smiles to make the day and a sudden realisation that this song/movie was released in 1996?!! WTH?? :-O 15 years ago – whaaaaa???? F.i.f.t.e.e.n years – hubby says ” Man! I feel so old”

What do you think?

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