What blogging means to me…

Ashreya is running an anniversary contest and the best part is the subject of contest! Everytime hubby says you are hooked to blogging these days I give it a split second thought “why” and then let it go. So this gave me a chance to really think about why blogging is so important to me.
I got persuaded and then pressured to start blogging by my friend Sanju who first shared all the blogs she visits. And then I began my own journey – I got hooked on to MadMomma first and from there to many other wonderful bloggers.
This is the biggest advantage of blogging – It gives me exposure to a lot of topics and opinions that I would not otherwise even think about. I get to read about the places they visit, about The Slut Walk, the Children woes, books,music and movies,Anna Hazare, La Tomatina in Bangalore – So many topics covered with so much information on them – I might not even have looked at them in the news paper! So blogging has broadened my horizons. It gives me the begining and then I read up on any thing that I want to know more about.
Then I realise I can put in my own thoughts without having to justify them – to anyone. And that builds my confidence. Many times I put something here and then when there is a similar topic of discussion in the family – It gives me confidence to speak up. Where otherwise I would rather have kept quiet – unsure of my own thoughts. 
Everytime I put something here – sometimes it would still be unclear in the head but when I start writing the post – it gives me clarity of thought. And I enjoy reading the comments – sometimes a reader puts across something that I would have wanted to express but lost for words.
And I can get opinions and suggestions here – varied and unjudgemental on any topic. Even on how what saree I should wear for a reception! Its the personal touch – When Chutku was suffering from Colic and I was ready to do anything – I had on an impulse mailed MM. And the next day I had a response on what I can do to ease his pain. And I was so overwhelmed. Someone who doesny know me but understood my worries and responded to a random mail! And couple of times when Sangi replied with stores for curtain shopping and her prompt responses to my query on the carpenter…All these make blogging not just connection on the www but also in real life!
Oh! And I didnt mention the inspiration! Be it the design blogs like Colours Decor, some new dish cooked at home,Moms like RM, LF for all the effort they put for their cooking and weekend outings – Makes me want to do them all too!!
And finally some better acquaintances – People who would know me for what I am and would want to keep in touch not because I am someone’s wife/Mother/daugher – but for the person I am. Those who read me because they want to! 🙂 No pressure there! That gives me pleasure. And that would also be the next step – to really be able to meet all these wonderful bloggers and make friends with them – like so many of them already are. That would be the best takeaway from blogging for me…
So – all you mommy bloggers who come here (even ocassionally!) do consider me next time for a get-together!!! – There I said it – shamelessly… 

What do you think?

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