What I wore – The look

So many things have happened over the last 1 week that I have written atleast 5 posts in my head but havent had the time to put them here. Before I give all the updates – here’s the saree I wore for the reception – “Bombay style” the beautician called it. It was so different and comfortable that I loved it. And I had everyone asking me how she draped it – though I still have no clue. All that I can say is there were 6 safety pins in strategic positions *ahem* to keep the saree in place even while I handled the little squirmy fellow. AND I still think that its making me look fat.                                         And the makeup that I had done myself, though I dont know how bhootni I looked – gave me rashes by the end of the evening.That was when I realised that my products were all about 6yrs old when I bought them for my own wedding which was lying around unused. So, the next day it all went to the dustbin with no second thoughts.So, Im back to being me – plain jane 🙂                                                                       Now you all tell me how this looks… After all the questions I asked…

What do you think?

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