A peek into my Purse

RM (as usual) made me think of something that I never though about! Contents of my bag.
Its been years since I just carry a wallet anywhere. And now after Chutku there is just no space in a wallet for everything that I need to keep! So on any given day a peek into my purse looks like this:
 A packet of tissues

 A couple of hankys
 My homeo medicine for cold/throat ache
 My eye drops for dry eyes
 Hand Sanitizer.
Chutku’s nasal drops
Chutku’s sippy cup for water.
Some small toy for him to play in the bus – cars, finger puppets
 Biscuits/chocolates
 Bindi packet,Comb, Clips and rubber bands
Sometimes Kajal pencil and lipstick – or compact incase I need to go anywhere after office.
 Sanitary napkin
 Spectacle case.

Wallet (of course) – which in turn has my debit and credit cards, some change, a couple of my Pasport size photos, multiple receipts and visiting cards.
Some extra cash in another pouch – Which I ALWAYS run out of  😦

My Driver’s License (Dreams of driving some day)
House keys – These came into picture only now after we shifted home and I now realise what a big responsibility it is!
Umbrella – These days, travelling by bus with Chutku.
Occassionally a milk bottle if he hasn’t eaten anything in the evening.
Oh! Chutku’s nail cutter – yes I cut his nails in the car in the mornings when I can keep him well distracted…

And whenever anyone asks me for something – I pull out tissues/hand sanitzer for In-Laws or something to eat for Hubby – No wonder hubby calls it my magic purse – I keep pulling stuff out of it as required 😀

What do you think?

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