Chutku’s first Zoo outing

The day care organised a 1 day outing to Bannerghatta national park on saturday for all the kids and their parents. And as expected some (half) of them dropped out while the other half of us enthu cutlets all geared up to take the kids.
So, instead of sleeping in on saturday – hubby left for work at 7am while I got ready to take the little fellow to the zoo.I got picked up at 10.30 and we reached there  by 11.30am. Looked like the parents were more excited than the few kids who could actually walk and talk and identify the animals. By the time we took the tickets and went in it was almost 12.15 and time for kids to have their lunch and then ours, session that lasted until 1.45. Thankfully the weather was good with no sun and cool breeze, so off we went to see the animals.

The highlights:

The peacock cage had about 10peacocks and 1 of them was always preening with all its feathers spread for all the visitors – It was sooo beautiful. I wondered if anything could match the beauty of the peacock blue – so rich and vibrant -no material can even come close to that.We saw quite a few leopards and cheetahs and loads of deer. You ask Chutku what the deer was doing, he will say ‘Mumm mumm’ – it was eating lunch. He refused to be carried and wanted to walk by himself – which would’ve been great if he wanted to walk with everyone else and not run in the opposite direction, in slush (it had rained the entire previous night) and didn’t want to see anything except people! So, I had to keep carrying him and putting him down and by the end of the day I had a horribly aching back.

The little fellow, I realised, is one scaredy cat! There was just 1 sad Zebra in a huge enclosure that came close to be fed – and though I was carrying Chutku he jumped and screamed and asked me to move back!
And then we saw the elephant – he hurriedly got into my arms,refused to get down and he didn’t want me to go any closer either. He kept watching the trunks of the 2 elephants and every time it touched someone else also – he kept flinching! 😀 It was quite amusing to see his reactions.
We then came to the birds and since he keeps finding for ‘Pacchi’ everyday in the sky I thought he would like it. He kept watching all the birds with wide eyes and open mouth and kept pointing them to me – it gave me so much pleasure!

By the time we started from there at 3, he was so exhausted that he slept in the hands of Ramandeep – the daycare owner in the front seat until we reached her home where we stopped for a quick coffee/tea break.
By the time I got down at my stop it was ready to pour again and I ran most of the way carrying him, home.

Once at home, I sat down with him and watched the rain pour in peace. In all it was a day well spent though I know that he wouldn’t remember any of it. Unfortunately I didn’t carry the camera – I knew I wouldn’t be able to click any pics carrying him and his bag…So let me wait until I get some from the others before I post them here 🙂 


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