Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I had read that this is one of the books in the Top 100 list of BBC books. And every since I read the Animal Farm I had been wanting to read this book. So much so that I refrained from watching the movie before I read the book.

And so when there was a book sale in the office and I came across this one for 99/- I HAD to pick it up. At the time, I was reading Jeffery Archer’s Only Time Will Tell and this book had to wait its turn.

Here’s my take – I LOVED the book. I kept thinking that its a children’s book and it might not be so interesting. The book just got me hooked from the first word! The illustrations (especially those of the Oompa Loompas), the description of the children on the first page. Willi Wonka, Oompa-Loompas – I like the way they sound :-).

And the description of the chocolate factory – Ah! I was drooling at the chocolate waterfall/pink toffee boat/A complete meal in a chewing gum and big big bars of chocolate and their descriptions – Chocolate milk Cows? Seen squirrels breaking walnuts? Wow! The kind of picture it painted in my head – I became the kid looking at all that.

And best of all – How each kid falls into their own trap caused by their bad habits- Be it hooked to chewing gum,eating all day, watching television all the time,demanding all that they see and what happens to the kids at the end of it all…

And I forgot to add that the book is just un-putdownable! I just sat and read through Chutku climbing all over me and making noise and playing around me in about 3hrs… So you can well imagine how good it was…

Now I just cant wait to read it to my little one! Oh! WHEN will he grow up?!!


What do you think?

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