Random Weekend Updates

So much happened over the weekend that I HAD to put it up here…

Friday evening I f inally managed to go to the dentist and get that troublesome wisdom tooth removed. And I was so plesantly surprised that it was so smooth. Thank God! Everyone I had heard from had only horror stories to tell about the wisdom tooth removal and I was petrified. But it was pretty simple with a tug,tug,twist, twist and a HUGE pull – it came out! I was so relieved that I did a clap and did a victory dance sitting on that chair itself! Both hubby and the dentist himself were laughing! And the plus points were that I got to eat only icecream for dinner 😀 (I dont even remember when was the last I did this!) and I had my parents staying back with us overnight to make sure that Chutku was taken care of along with hubby. And the little monster refused to come to me even for a hug!


Talking of Chutku – Just a couple of weeks back when we took him for the 18months vaccination, I was worried that he is not talking as much as he is supposed to – and what a turn around he has shown in these 2 weeks! Suddenly he begins to say ‘A,B,C,D’, Johnny johnny yes papa, he joins 2 words together. And He observes – he found a round peice of cardboard label and tried to insert it into the DVD player thinking its a CD. I had a bad cold a few days back and was walking around with a kerchief – so where ever he finds a kerchief he comes to me, scrunches his nose and wipes my nose 😀 I tell him not to run his jeep on the sofa – so he calls me ‘Ammmmaaaa’ and when I go – he looks at me and moves the jeep on the sofa to see what my reaction will be… And today morning in the car he started rubbing my palms to play (‘saarsi,goodsi’ – a play where I tickle him in the end) the way I do it for him and using those words and trying to tickle me in the end!!!


It was a pleasure having parents at home over the weekend, we even managed to go out for dinner on saturday with my parents to a fave place -for anyone in Blore reading this – Inchara and had a relaxed time. We had both sets of parents at home over the weekend and we got an experience of how it will be if my parents come to live with us over the next couple of years. And it was so relaxed – both hubby and I were later discussing how nice it felt – the house full and conversation flowing… Looking forward to it now… What is it with having parents that makes one relax and let go – kind of a huge burden off your shoulders for a few hours – huh?


Yesterday evening we just introduced the little fellow to his birds and animals book, marker pen and newspaper to scribble with and just spent the evening at home relaxing – we as a family that we hadnt got time for in a long time – and that just summed up the weekend for us with a peaceful dinner – we even made the little fellow sit on his high chair with us at the dining table and let him make a mess while we ate and fed him dinner…

It was a good weekend in all…. Wisdom  tooth – all thanks to you! 🙂


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