Its your Birthday today…

And I kept wondering what to gift you. Yes yes, apart from the very materialistic IPhone you demanded and got! I thought of midnight cake cutting – but how to get the cake,waking up at 12, Chutku loosing sleep all these quelled the thought. Cards/candles/party – none of it appealed either. Very practically we’ve chosen to go out for lunch rather than dinner. So, there goes the surprise of a surprise dinner party with all cousins too! So what else? I have been reading the thingy posts from LF and a few others, and realised I would rather speak my heart here than any other gift. 

So here’s my thingy post for you:

1. You believe that marriage is a partnership.After hearing all the stories even from my own colleagues I realise how important this is.

2. You are my pillar of strength and support. I had already written here – “Tu hai toh I’ll be all right…”You stand by me whenever required – against both sets of parents too sometimes! So Thank you! It makes life a lot easier knowing you are there for that support.

3. The confident me that people see now – is all because of you. You give me that confidence – to voice my opinions,give me the confidence that ‘I can do it’ – IT being running the house,changing jobs,blogging, taking care of chutku, going out,driving – everything.

4. Its you who pushed me to blog! Yes – When I first voiced my thoughts about blogging and was still thinking if I can do it – it was you who said – ‘Do it, whats the big deal – your head is always filled with thoughts – put them on paper…’ And even today you are my editor whenever I feel the need πŸ™‚

5. You know what hurts me – my weaknesses. And I’ve seen you shielding me from many such tears in your own way.

6. You never force me to do anything – ever. You always leave the final decision to me. But you will stand by me once you are convinced about the decision!

7. I love the way you crack PJs early in the morning! Something so silly that I cant believe you said that! And that cracks me up – and I know you do that to just lessen the morning stress for me.

8. There are times that I realise you know what my likes and dislikes are – and at unexpected moments! – Like increasing the volume when you know I like a song, pausing at some scene while channel surfing, telling me not to eat something because it is sour/too cold…

9. YOU are my best friend forever! There is nothing that I hide from you. Every small thing I HAVE to tell you. When there are hectic days somehow the thoughts get stored in the head somewhere and come pouring out when there is a 10min time for us!

10. And you listen (Well! not while watching TV though) when I have to vent. Though what you do about it is secondary! But you listen – when I wake you up at 11pm because there’s something bothering me and I’m unable to sleep…

11.There are times you get up early or take care of Chuktu at nights when I NEED sleep. For that I’m grateful! You realise that I need that sleep to be sane…

12. I have a lot of respect for you – because you never let your Ego come between us at anytime. Even when you took that sabbatical and joined me in the US, even when people spoke behind your back about it…

13. And now being in the same office, I realise what a different person you are at work! There is so much of respect I see from others for you and that makes me proud! You know so many people and everyone has such good regards for you…

14. I depend on you to save me from embarrassing situations that I put myself in – with my motor mouth and when I talk without thinking.

15. I can be rude and nasty when I am angry. But you can see through all that and get to the gist of the matter and even accept/apologise if you are wrong.

16. You never, ever argue/fight with me in public – in front of parents/friends/relatives.If there is something you don’t agree with you wait until you get a chance to be alone and only then speak up. – it never gives a chance for the outsider to comment on our relationship.

17. Finally I realise that you are a better human being than me –
       – You have the ability to forget and forgive while I can do neither!
       – Because when you do something, you do it whole heartedly – without expecting even an acknowledgement! There have been times when I have felt bad on your behalf when people haven’t even bothered to acknowledge what you’ve done for them!

Its not everyday that I get a chance (Or time, for that matter!) to appreciate you, Hubby – so this one’s for you today! Have an amazing Birthday πŸ˜€

Your Wife.


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