An 18 month Update

(Warning – This is a pure Chuktu post – please X if you are not interested in knowing his antics!)

This one’s for you Chutku, when you grow up and read what you’ve been upto for the first 1.5 yrs of your life.1 1/2! My God! When you woke up in the morning and called ‘Amma’ it hit me real hard – My baby can call scream for me now! Lying in bed you gave me that toothy smile and asked ‘Appa yelli’ – that was the next jolt – you can even make me understand what you’re thinking. Baby you’ve been doing so many things these days growing up so fast that time is just flying. I go through so many emotions enjoy,cry,laugh,get irritated,exhausted all in a single day.

Listing a few antics of your’s here for posterity:

• You’ve been having erratic schedules – waking up at odd times (2am/4am) and wanting to go out RIGHT THEN. And you throw such a tantrum that the nieghbours ask the next day if all is fine.

• Food – Sometimes you are like your Dad -You want Appacchi all the time and want to munch on something. But that something gets strewn all over the house and nothing actually goes inside! And sometimes you are like me – fussy eater and you love kismis and milk! Boy! Am I glad that you’ve taken to milk – my best substitute for you on cranky nights. You also want to see what you are eating now and point your finger at the curd rice or the sambar rice and insist that you want to be fed only that.

• You have an obsession for shoes. Not just yours – everyone’s! You want everyone to be wearing shoes all the time. And someone visits us without prior notice they can see a tiny bum and bare legs in a pair of ‘shoessuu’ (Ofcourse a shirt 🙂 )

• You are so sensitive to the mood of people around you. You scrunch up your nose, furrow your eyebrows and look at your dad without blinking when he is screaming, you immediately start crying when I cry. If I show you some ‘Abbu’ * you instantly make a sad face.

• Oh! And by the way – you can also milk the sympathy cow from all by showing some ‘abbu’ that’s non existent! Or one that you don’t even know on which leg it initially was! Such a drama master you are…

• I have to add that you imitate your grand Dads when they ask you to walk ‘slowly’. So for sure you understand what we are telling you but you’ve so early in life learnt the art of ‘selective listening’!

• I have learnt the many simple pleasures from you again, Sweetheart – the pleasure of watching the birds flying or a bunch of flowers, leaves swaying in the breeze, watching rain.

• Im amazed at the way you’ve observed and picked up things – like knowing you need both DVD and TV remote for the cartoon – you bringthem both and then insist we play it., searching for your Dad as soon as we come home, taking the powder puff out of the container before you pour out all the powder from the bigger box!

• You are constantly in motion – running on your toes (you hardly ever walk),climbing and jumping on the sofa, climbing stairs, climbing the window bars (My heart will be in my mouth when you do this!),roll around on the bed – SOMETHING. You hate to sit down in one place unless you are sleepy…

• Its sometimes a pleasure to realize how possessive you are about me – you don’t even like your Dad and me to sit next to each other. I should not even talk to any other kid in the baby care. You somehow manage to wriggle and settle down next to me or on my lap on all such occasions…

• And what a little monster you’ve become! If this is at 18months I dread to think how its going to be when the terrible twos actually set in! Your tantrums for wanting something, pushing and hitting when you don’t get something. Oh! And you HATE to brush your teeth while you enjoy your bath – preferably when you are left to handle the mug too! Else there begins another screaming session…

• Sometimes I realize that the only thing that soothes you is my voice – when I talk softly and ask you a question you stop all the screaming and crying to just listen to me talk and ask ‘Aaaaa?’ like an old man! Singing and music works too at times and Im glad for that!

• And you’ve learnt so many things – slidin , learning new words (caa,Aoee (lorry),tacta (tractor), haalu(Milk),oova (flower),aannu (fruit)) and now I taught you right and left hands. You wriggle your fingers randomly and say ‘too’ ‘thee’ and expect me to continue…

• Malls and escalators and stairs give you a thrill – only that Amma gets tired running up and down the stairs repeatedly with you or carrying you over multiple escalators multiple times!

• AND the constant AMMA AMMA all the time – you call me like you have something important to say and then say something like ‘illilla tdrilla’ and Im amused and irritated at the same time! You are one Amma’s tail – behind her all the time. Pulling kitchen drawers, folded clothes.And I sometimes make use of it too, like asking you to carry one of your dabbas to keep in the right place, keep folded clothes in their place, get spoons or plates from the utility… My own little elf  – So yippeeeeeeeee!! The Amma that I was longing for came and came how…

• Finally – I felt so proud when we took you to the doctor and you began to howl looking at him he commented- This little fellow has elephantine memory – he remembers me even when you haven’t come here in such a long time!

Im looking forward to (with a little bit or trepidation) more such antics from you sweetheart – start talking – faaast! 😀

( And searching for 1 picture of you where you are looking at the camera- Nope! None at all – always upto some mischief!)


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