Gifts and Giving

Almost everyone who called to wish us for the anniversary yesterday had this question – “So what did he give you?” or “What are you giving him?”

But we dont gift anything for the anniversary. What is the point? I mean, I give him something he wants and he gives me back something I want? We anyway do that for Birthdays or for that matter if we know what the other one really wants we just buy it – It really doesnt need an occassion. And where is the ‘Us’ in it? Its again you and me – isnt it?

And that said – We both love  travelling and seeing new places. So our one gift for each other is to take a few days off and go see a new place. Ever since we went to Mauritius after wedding we decided we will take frequent trips and definitely for the anniversary. And enjoy, unwind and have a nice time. Have some ‘US’ time. THAT is our gift to each other. I think that time we spend with each other making happy memories are the best gifts than the material ones.


What do you think?

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