Random updates

*whiny whiny post ahead*

So much has been happening over the past couple of months that Im looking forward for a break – a break from everyday life!

– With Chutku falling ill on and off sleep has taken a big hit and more often than not Im walking around like a zombie these days. I just hope it doesnt affect my work – hasnt, atleast not yet.

– The April Chikkamagalur trip seems like it was in some last life! Sigh! I wish for another holiday soon – hmmm… like right now?

– On the work front things are getting more and more hectic and me being me, have again gotten into the rut of taking calls late evening – unable to say No.

– And this is affecting home life big time – Guilt has begun to creep that not enough time is being spent with the little one.

– Finally, after much deliberating and insessent pushing from the hubby, I’ve relented to keeping a cook at home. I avoided all this time and its not something Im very happy and comfortable about, but it seems only practical when Im out of the house for 12hours a day. My dream of having to cook and feed my family has to be on pause atleast for the moment.

– A lot of stress caused a lot of health problems to moi – resulting in the cook decision. Have you ever thought what a big pain it is to decide what to cook? God! I wonder how Moms have been doing it like forever! Atleast now I only decide the previous night and the cook takes over in the mornings giving me some breathingspace.

– And how do I use this ‘breathing space’ – by sleeping that extra 1/2 hr! The plan was I will go walking for half hour err…

– All the work stress/lack of sleep/no personal space leading to major arguements at home – both with the spouse and with parents – and THAT is something which I know will have its repurcussions *sigh*

– With all these, things that I want to do, which will give me pleasure have come to a standstill – the home decor,gardening,reading,my paints and stitches – where is the time for all that? And THIS is why I want to take a break from everyday life – does it sound silly? I mean, these are all supposed to be done for hobby in freetime – so wanting to take a break from the everyday paying job and life and kid to do these sounds frivolous to myself sometimes…


What do you think?

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