Family Day Celebration

Yesterday was family day and what did we do? Spent the day with family – yippeeee!!!

(Obviously! What else? huh!)

Hmmm, here’s the big news – hubby got that much awaited promotion and is now into middle management! yayyy!! Its an achievement at just 7+ years of experience and Im basking in all that passed-on glory!

And, MIL had a mannat to take Chuktu to the Hebburu Srichaktra – Sharada/Meenakshi temple. So, we combined hubby’s treat with this and with both sets of parents (I mean Grandparents! – They were interested in going out ONLY because they were to get the whole day with Chutku ;p).

So, after a really long time the whole family went out yesterday morning to celebrate. We started at 8 – an hour later than planned-thanks to the little fellow and his crankiness and we reached the temple by 11am. Spent a good hour there – its not a very traditional big temple. Just a small place with a huge hall. The best part that I liked was that they had put up series of pictures depicting the life of Adi Shankaracharya – which refreshed the memory. And the pictures were very well painted too. Loved them. Also, the big hall gave chuktu an option to run around un-interrupted giving him much needed legroom after sitting in the innova for 2 hours straight…We did some basic pooja/took pictures and started from there by 12.15pm.

The idea was to go to Taj Kuteeram near Nrityagram in Hesaraghatta for lunch and spend the rest of the day there until evening. But we weren’t sure of the way and reached the place only by 2.30. And we were hungry! Sadly, the buffet lunch had gone cold and the food options weren’t many either. We just ate a few rotis and the only thing I could feed Chuktu there was the carrot halwa. The lunch was a disappointment.

But the property is verrrry nice. The caretaker even opened the doors for the rooms and let us take a look at the place. The 2 sets of parents just relaxed on the beach chair kind of sofas there and hubby and me took Chuktu around to see the place. They had sprinklers in the grass and we decided to see how the little fellow will enjoy. We asked the caretaker and then left the little fellow on the grass. Boy! What unadulterated fun he had!! 😀 It was totally worth it! He would carefully walk close to the sprinkler and once it turned and sprayed water on him he would just run right back to me – all laughing and screaming 😀 It was sheer joy watching him play like that 😀 I think this is what they say about the pleasure of having babies! In about 10 mins he was thoroughly soaked and laughing his heart out.

We took him out from there/changed his clothes and then he wanted to go under a bigger one! This time round hubby carried him and both of them got wet again!!! Another change of clothing to the little one by which time it was 5pm and time for coffee.

Coffee it was and time to leave. Some more pictures later we started from there by 5.15 and were home by 7.30 after dropping off my parents. The little fellow had a nice little nap in my Dad’s arms and then after we dropped Dad and Mom back he had a screaming kicking tantrum, which subsided only after we reached home – a good half hour later! Whew! I’m sure the driver was glad to drop us off! Some dinner and in bed by 10.30pm made sure the day went by really well and everyone was happy happy…

Inadvertently, when I saw that yesterday was family day – I realised we had spent it having so much fun, together with the people who matter the most!
Some pics:

Shreechakra Pooja done by some ladies at the temple

Shri Sharadamba Devi

Chutku enjoying the sprinkler

Taj kuteeram – near the restaurant

Up Up Uppp…

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