Conversations and Observations

Most often when we are alone some things just strike. Hmmm…. I realised my skin is really low maintenance – no costly products/no branded moistureisers/ no heavy makeup/ no perfume – no siree it doesnt need any such things. All it needs is regular johnson baby oil before bath! BUT the 1 day I forget it makes sure it reminds me in a really harsh way by deciding to develop rashes…And i realised that no matter how much I pamper it with the costliest branded products it takes its own sweet time to get back to normal – on that similarity…

Arent we like that too? Most friends I talk to, most ‘women’ magazine articles I read. makes me think…

Isnt a lovely home cooked dinner better than an expensive 5 star hotel dinner with 50 other people?

Isnt everyday hugs and cuddles better than an ‘anniversary s*x’? (I read this term in some magazine – did you know?!)

Isnt a weekend spent at home sharing responsibilites and having conversation better than an international holiday once an year?

Isnt a loving back/foot run better than a ‘gift’ of Spa package?

Isnt 5 mins of attention everyday better than complimenting with ‘rich’ gifts on the birthday?

Isnt a festival shared with friends and family at home better than a holiday resort?

And they say women are ‘high maintenance’??! :-O

PS: Not that we dont want the expensive stuff, you know, they are all bonus. I mean we need the essentials first and bonus comes next – rightttt?


What do you think?

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