Mom and pictures

Im writing this post only because I want to get the barrage of thoughts in my head right now. It all started with my co-sister wanting us to put up a photo of us with our mother for mother’s day. And I thought it was easy. Mom and me? ha! That’s quite simple – there are multiple functions/festivals and outings where we’ve been together-right? Wrong!!! It was sooo difficult to find 1 pic of me and my mom where we had posed. Yes, there are random clicks where we are perhaps a part of a larger group or we are doing some work and neither is posing. It then struck me that I really haven’t bothered! Haven’t bothered to take a picture of me with my mom alone. And then I searched and searched and got one taken way back in 2008 – and I remember even then we were in the middle of some work when hubby just asked us to pose and we did. Beyond that I guess I will have to go back and search for pics in my wedding album or bro’s wedding album for a pic of mom and me – and Im sure I wont find any of just the 2 of us 😦 And just think how many pictures I have of me posing with all the innumerable people I’ve met in my life – insignificant people. Some of those people I cannot even recollect their names now…

Isnt it sad that we take this woman so much for granted – the one person who has been the backbone for what we are today? That she’s just there? Ah! This – this is just mom you know. She will be here whenever I want her. And after all these years have I realised it? yet? Nope!

Yeah…I mean, it does strike me at odd times like these but then, the expectation is still there. The expectation that she will put her own life on hold and be there – for me. Just like that. Just like last week when I screamed my head off at her because she said she wouldn’t be able to be there – for me – to take care of my little one while I met my friends (that’s another post story!) and relaxed and unwinded. I didn’t even bother to think that SHE might want a break too! That SHE deserves one too…That she has a life too… though she always made us feel that we are more important than anything else.

And you know what? The best part is – she calls me back and promises to come later in the day, so I still get to go meet my friends and have a nice time – while she is not only being the always dependable mother to me but also being the grandmom to my baby! Whew! Its a hard hard example to follow… Half as good as her maybe – I can try…

Thanks Mom! For just being you…


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