The Angry little Man

When Chutku was born and we asked a panditji to write his janampatri he said: Oh! This one is a fiery fellow. He will be very stubborn and he will get angry very fast.

And I wondered every time I looked at a thin,frail, wrinkly little baby who would sleep on me through out the night,howl and whimper in colic pain – this fellow? angry? hmmmm, Im one too and I know how to handle him.

But I realise that its not at all easy! Nope! This little 2 feet fellow stands up to his full height, looks up at me or his Dad and says “AEye!” if he so much as thinks we might raise our voices. We should just let him be – to put his tiny fingers in the electric sockets, to chew his shoes 😦 , to climb stairs on his own, to jumping down from the window sill, to walk on wet,fresh swabbed floor, to play in water – all these now! And depending on his mood he decides if he wants to cry or show his anger.

Today morning he realised he couldn’t scream back at his Dad – so he began to cry and came out of the room searching for me – and he didn’t find me anywhere close.Instead, he found the electric socket with the mosquito coil in it and he decided he can switch it on – and pooff! vanished all his tears – instantly, he was so thrilled on seeing the light on the mosquito coil switching on and off, his instant reaction was a very happy ‘ayeee’ – all anger forgotten…
And one look at me, he comes running with arms outstretched – “Ammmmaaaaaaaa” and there melts all my anger. The little monster knows how to make “mushys” out of his parents with just a look and a smile…


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