Its your Dog, not mine…

So please keep it on a leash when you walk out on streets. This is my humble request to people with dogs.

Yes,Im one of ‘those’ people who are scared of dogs. Period. I dont know why and it doesnt matter. Not that I hate dogs or have anything against them – No! I like them. But I dont understand them!I love little puppies and love to cuddle them. I dont know what goes on in their heads when they see me and coming running towards me – my only thought is fear! That they will jump on me, they will bite me! And the fact that both my brother and me have sensitive skins,we have been warned against animal fur – that adds to my reason of staying away from them. So please, if you have a dog – I will look at it from far and appreciate it – might be even talk to it from far – but please dont let it come near me – I dread it – my hands and legs begin to shake – visibly, and they tell that a dog knows when you are scared of it. And that intensifies my fear – what if it knows Im scared – will it bite me? The very thought of those long,sharp teeth *shudder*

And why am I saying this? Because – the neighbour who has a dog – a pretty huge one at that too – decided to let his dog outside – seeing that I am walking Chutku back home. And looking at Chutku the dog decided to run to him and my poor baby can hardly walk yet didnt realise that the dog was running towards him – he just stood there saying ‘bow bow’ and I see the dog running toward him. I almost froze in panic. I instantly carried him and told the owner – can you please hold your Dog. And he snarled at me! – “Its not going to do anything”

Me: Its running toward my son, can you please hold it until I pass

Him” I told you its not going to do anything – in a very rude tone.

me: I dont know that – can you please hold it

Him: Ignored me and walked to the opposite house and complained to the guy standing there.

Me: Look, its coming back to my side – hold your Dog (It probably was excited to see Chutku!)

Him: Glared at me

Me: Excuse me – can you hold your dog – I dont care if it wont bite – and Im not being rude to you – Im requesting you to hold it while I pass – so you dont have to be rude (By this time I was scared and angry)
Him: You can go – I will hold it – in a very princely manner.

Hmmppphhhh and Im still seething. At 6.30 in the evening when Im walking back home from work and letting the little fellow walk and get some better balance I dont think I needed this…

(Image courtesy: Google images)


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