A humbling experience

Saturday was spent with parents. While Dad and I were trying to feed a few morsels of food to the little fellow – standing in the compound, there came a Kabadi wallah. The house is on an incline and the man must’ve been atleast 55 pushing his cart with effort. He stopped in front of the house and began talking to Dad! I was a bit surprised initially and then realised that he is the regular guy to whom my Dad sells all the old newspapers and knew his life history. My Dad then asked him if his son got a job. I believe that Dad helped the son write his CV.

Slowly his story unravelled. Widower with 3 children – 2 daughters and 1 son, he came to Bengaluru, started with this Kabadi business and educated all his children. Yes! Even his daughters! His youngest daughter is studying in 1st year BCom and the son is an aeronautical engineer from an university in Tamil Nadu! And all the 3 children have studied with free seats – obviously because there wasn’t any other way. The son has now got a job in a govt company and the eldest daughter has just delivered a daughter too. The man mentioned that the Son-In-law is a gem of a person and he loves his daughter. I liked the fact that here was this man from what we consider a lower strata – who educated his children with no discrimination of boy/girl and I also admire the children who realised the difficulty of the parent and put their best efforts to get where they are today!

And Yesterday while returning home, we saw a blind man with a guitar on his back and with a stick in his hand trying to figure out the way on the street in the dark…

Sigh.I feel so humbled. Life has been so easy for me…


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