The trees in the office campus are all in full bloom. Though the skin erupts in rashes unhappy about the pollen in the air the mind rejoices at the colours and the fragrance of the blooming flowers.

Especially the Frangipani flowers – In full bloom.Only flowers on leafless branches. Beeeauuuutiful. And it brings back a memory of evenings in Summer holidays when I used to walk with Granny to the City Central library. While she chose books I read for an hour in the children’s section. And at the end of it – out of the 3 cards to borrow books 1 book was reserved for me :-).
Along the path was this lone Frangipani tree and there used to be flowers scattered on the ground below. That was my first tryst with the flower. The fragrance would be so powerful that invariably I would be drawn to it. I always picked up a few flowers and brought it home which used to be then kept in a steel tumbler
 until it wilted. Granny also told me that this flower is not used for the Gods – because its considered incomplete. It does not have the pollen stalks. Whatever! That made me covet those flowers more – somehow then I used to feel pity for those pretty fragrant flowers. I remember expressing my anger and saying that it was unfair – that was when she said – That’s the whole point. I’m glad you are able to appreciate the flower for what it is and that is how you should be when it comes to people too. Don’t judge the person by looks, see the goodness in them. Dont listen to people’s preconceived notions… Such valuable lessons learnt from the small flower!

And even today I’m very fond of this flower. Any body lotion/cream/perfume label that has Frangipani mentioned – I covet it! 🙂 And I still pick them up from the path and smell them while walking back to my desk from lunch – it still gives me a great satisfaction…
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