Appa Yelli?

Are the constant words from the 15 month old at least a 100 times a day.Asked to me,his ammamma thatha, care takers at the day care – anyone he talks to… The said Appa is on a business trip to Mumbai for 3 days and the little fellow is very restless. He asks – in the middle of playing/eating/running around…

I didn’t think he would be so upset – rather hubby thought he might not even miss his Dad since he had his grand parents to play with! But we were sooo wrong. I wish he could express better. Poor thing – he kept getting up all through the night searching for his Dad, crying in his sleep, and then finally he woke up at 3.30am and asked again – Appa Yelli! He was so sleep deprived that he slept straight through lunch at the day care yesterday.He woke up at 5am today too 😦 All this while we’ve been telling him that Dad’s in the office and today he seems to be better.

And the said Appa is out on an official trip to Mumbai and will be back Wednesday midnight. I’m just waiting to see how this little fellow will react on seeing his Dad 😀

Is Chutku’s Amma missing Appa too? You bet! Especially when she has to get up in the midnight to feed the little fellow his milk, giving him bath, feeding him dinner, when she has to travel by Auto and company bus to and from work, also carrying the little fellow and walking back home – which is a 10mins walk… Hmmm *Sigh* Doesnt sound romantic – I know – but this is the stage we are in right now – working together in tandem…sharing responsibilities…


What do you think?

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