Less of a Woman?

Ok, all said and done about the Women’s Day, I have a few questions to those who think a woman should be like that new Star Plus Ad or like the epitome of all goodness like in TV serials:

Am I going to be less of a woman if:

I want to sleep over until late morning – not because Im ill but I just don’t want to get up

Why cant I expect Breakfast in bed?

I spend the day in a dishevelled state including skipping bath – By the way who made this rule that a woman has to be dressed all the time?!! And also sleep with lipstick and eye shadow?

I decide that I’m NOT cleaning the house every weekend – even if toys are strewn around and clothes are lying around – Just because…

I need some ‘Me’ time too – to just read/visit the parlour/meet friends – without giving any explanations.

I decide to go simple for a wedding? – A man can wear jeans for reception so why are you judging me by what Im wearing? And no – Im not going to give you any reasons for it either – son was behaving perfectly fine and hubby was co-operating- I just wanted to wear this so I wore it – why cant I? I just wasn’t in the mood to dress.

Oh! And talking of mood – why cant I have mood swings and scream and shout? Why should I always be calm and collected? – Am I not human too?

I Don’t want to invite guests home over a weekend – Not because Im tired (That probably becomes a valid excuse) but because I want to finish reading that novel? Or I just don’t want to…

I don’t want to go visiting because I want to watch my fave awards show tonight? (What?The Man can say he doesn’t want to go out because of the cricket match – why cant I?)

I go to work with no hint of makeup on my face – Because I don’t like it – simple! (The fact that I end up eating/drinking all my lipstick is another matter that’s of no concern to anyone else!)

Why cant you appreciate that I can take care of my child/children the whole day with no help? – When you EXPECT me to do it why cant the Dad do it too? Isn’t it all about equal parenting? How does it make him the Epitome of an ideal man and I’m just doing my ‘duty’?

I don’t want to cook – At all… Because I’m bored – no other reason

I speak my mind – bluntly – All the time and tell you exactly how it is? No – diplomacy is NOT my strong suit – so if you don’t want to hear it – don’t bother telling me either…

Tell my Boss that Im NOT going to stay back and slog like a pig – don’t give me your work too – you do it yourself…

-Finally – if I refuse to help you out because I have my own life to think about – as a daughter/DIL/Friend/Wife – why should I do as you want me to? Why should I postpone/rearrange my plans for you? Why cant I do it my way? – Well I would – only depending on how much you are ready to do for me…

If I put my foot down and say – That’s It! Its my life, I will lead it my way – If I happen to like you, I might adjust but not more – Isn’t that how a man’s life works? Why not mine too?

Are you going to judge me – If I teach my son to cook and sew and my daughter to skate and baseball/rugby? Why?

‘I’ , Here can be anyone – Might even think of more such Rants  but here are a few situations where I think we are taken for granted – all the time, noting them from both personal experience and from what I’ve heard from the others…


What do you think?

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