Celebrating Women Inspiration

My entry to the FemInspiration contest on Women’s Web:

Come on – why dont you do it too. Check out the contest here: http://www.womensweb.in/item/celebrate-women-s-day-with-feminspiration.html/

Note: I wrote it yesterday but unfortuately the internet went down – so having to post it today 😦

Today being women’s day a lot of talk and discussions are happening on FB and in the blogshere too…and here’s my small attempt to putting my admiration in words: (This is also my entry to the women’s web FemInspiration!)

Is it possible that we are inspired by just 1 woman all our life? For me there have been a lot of women I’ve looked up to and admired for various traits in them. And most of all their strength and their capabalities to handle the odds in mature and graceful manner.

My Granny and her sister: A total of 8 brothers and sisters born pre independence, the best gift their father could give them was education – matriculation despite all odds. My granny recollects the time when they were all sent back home when Salt Satyagraha happened, times when they stood for hours to watch the then king of Mysore along with Nehru go in procession. Getting married early into not very well to do family and wearing torn Sarees to save money for her own son’s (my Dad’s) education. She stitched clothes for others, went without food herself, put up with all odds and when Grand Dad suggested that Dad stop studying after 10th std so he could get a job and help financially – it was she who put up a fight and insisted he study further, showing her husband all the pennies she had saved for years to give it to her son’s education. She used to say “Hani Hani koodidare haLLa” loosely translated to: “Many drops of water make an ocean”. I loved her spirit/ her forward mindedness – when the rest of my friends cribbed that their Granny restricted them from wearing the clothes of their choice/going out with friends, mine used to always side with me!I guess its enough explanation if I say that I used to talk to her about all my boy-friends, who went out with whom and for that matter she was the first one I spoke to about my then boyfriend/current hubby too! I would love to see more women like her – with her kind of forward thinking…

My granny’s sister- Im only going to say that 30/35 years ago, this lady convinced her husband and took care of her ailing mother for nearly 10 years when all her 3 brothers refused to. That when the norm was the son always took care of the parents – that was when it first struck me,at the age of 4, that even I CAN take care of my parents, that they need not depend on the son only…! I still see so many people having issues with that!

My mother: I admire the strength in this woman. Taking care of ailing in-laws along with 2 children while the husband was away on bank transferred jobs for years. Would I do it today – NO! When people ask me how I manage home,baby and work and still keep smiling at the end of the day – I think – this is nothing – look at my mother! She mostly single handedly raised my brother and me when Dad was away for years.I have never seen her cry. I remember when I Was a teenager and cried at the drop of the Hat – I had asked her how come she never cries – doesn’t she get affected by anything? – and she had told me only one thing: “OF course I cry, things affect me as much as they affect you. But, think about it, crying doesn’t resolve any issues. And when you cry in front of people who don’t know you – they will only think of it as a weakness. Cry – cry in private. Finish it, but most importantly find a solution to the problem. That is what will give you confidence to move on. Life doesn’t end at 1 problem that you can cry and say its over. The next day will come and you will have to face it – so do it with determination”. And that’s what Im trying to do today…

Finally My mother-in-law: I admire her zest for life.Let me just say, with the problems she faces, if it were for me – I would’ve probably gone into hiding. Despite everyday issues, she strives at running her home, keeping herself occupied and loves to learn new things all the time! With 3 masters degree she gave up her job as a school principal to be at home with her dysfunctional older son who needed her attention. But that didn’t stop her from learning, doing new things. She has the energy to go out watch a movie,come back and teach tuition and then go to yoga all in a day. To top it, she’s well read,well dressed and wants to be the best in whatever she does – I would love to get that enthusiasm for life from her on days when I just want to leave everything and put my feet up.I always wonder how she manages it at her age while at half her age Im already tired!

Women like these are everyday inspiration in our daily lives. There is much more to write but then how much more to put into words ? So keeping it as short as possible!


What do you think?

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