Some Days

are just so unpredictable. And yesterday was one such. You plan something and something entirely different happens. Not that its bad though…

It being Shivaraatri I thought I will atleast keep a little bit of TuLasi and do a little pooja to the God in the evening. (I rarely ever light the lamps in the evening either these days 😦 – should get back into the habit soon) And also finish some house work since I thought we will be going home earlier than usual…

Hubby had a dental checkup and we went there on the way home. Chuktu being his usual self was running around in the open area, looking at the fish and running behind another little girl there. Trying to go under the centre table, almost banging on the aquarium making it shake like it would topple off any second :-O – just being naughty. God! He’s becoming so naughty and so stubborn that Im already dreading the coming years! And then we went home while there was still enough day light outside.
Anyway, I decided to let him work off his excess energy – He was so excited that he climbed all the stairs to the main door on the first floor by himself. He refused to hold our hand and screamed bloody murder if we tried to hold him either.We just stood behind him to hold him if he lost balance. This kid is really growing too fast for us…So, I put his shoes and took him out on the street. The little bugger refused to come back home after that! He just kept waving his hand and saying ‘Tata’ ‘Tata’. For about half an hour we let him walk around while we spoke to the neighbours – which we rarely do. So it was kind of nice unwind for us too…

We came back and he refused to remove his shoes and there began the crankiness.And suddenly all my josh to do anything went out the window! My head began to ache and I felt so tired (I wonder if it was the lack of water or food through the day) that I just sat down and since dinner just had to be heated, hubby took care of it. Hubby very kindly also offered to feed dinner to the little fellow (Thats always a toss everyday between us – something like who bells the cat!) and in that process Chuktu decided to feed his Dad too! Thats a first! That was sooo sweet – trying to put a soggy wet biscuit into his Dad’s mouth 🙂 That kind of melted all the tiredness away. And once he slept I had dinner and read a novel  until 10.30 before I could finally fall asleep. So at the end of the day I didnt do what I had initially planned but the day didnt end bad either…Like I said – you just cant predict how things will be.


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