Is already taken for granted…
By the 14 month old.He now has taken to learning a few words – Appa/Auto/Thatha/Tata/Haaiii and Eeeuuu (See You).
He can show most of his body parts when asked – eyes/ears/nose/mouth/head/stomach/hands and legs.
He can fix the lego blocks one on top of the other
He can climb himself onto his Dad’s lap to make him show his book or climb on to the sofa to pick up mom’s mobile

He can do every action that his Granny asks him to do
He runs behind Mamma all over the house tripping over her while she frantically gets her work done in the morning/evening
He picks up everything she has put down – folded clothes/cosmetics/comb/specs/mobile and lugs it around waiting to give it to her
He runs away from her and wants her to chase him as soon as she puts him his bib or he picks up something to put in his mouth – YES! He knows he shouldnt put it in his mouth, so the running away!

He stands outside the bathroom door and howls for her if she closes the door even when he can see his Dad sitting right there calling out to him
He has figured out how to get down from the bed/cross the threshold – nothing can stop him from being a Denise the Menace now.
He wants Mamma every evening even if Dad is sitting right there waiting to play with him.
He hugs and does “muddi” in the car, wants to be on her lap through out and loves to be petted by her…
He has a special smile reserved only for her when he sees her after a long time or when she visits the day care.

Despite all these – Ask him to say Amma and the reply is “aaa eee thaththa llalaaa aatttoooo”

*sigh* Im still waiting for THAT one word…


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