I dream of a garden…

Where colourful flowers sway in the wind
The scent of the roses and the jasmine waft inside the house early in the morning
The green of the chillies and the red of the tomatoes are a sight to the eyes
The bunch of coriander and the pudina call out for fresh chutney
where I show my son what colour is
where I teach him what nurturing is
where I let him play and grow
Alas! After an year of dreaming – It still remains a dream…
My home – Mom’s home had a big garden. Granny had a green thumb and she grew lots of veggies and flowers – even Papaya tree/ curry leaves tree – everything. And every summer holidays she made me plant some flower in the newly laid bed. It all started with Ragi – She would make me write my name in the sand with a thick stick and then put Ragi in the hollow. In about a couple weeks time I could see my name in green. I was fascinated. I remember every morning when she used to pluck the jasmines and the hibiscus, the shaavantige and the jaaji, the kanakaambara and spatica for Puja. And mom had planted the betel leaves creeper too. Once in a while the button roses would bloom in huge numbers which looked beautiful. We even had a orange,yellow rose that would always bloom only 1 flower at a time :-). Up until last year most of these plants were still alive and blooming. Then finally mom unable to manage got them all cut and cemented the place 😦 . 
Ever since we finalised on shifting to our own home last year I have been wanting to have a terrace garden where I could plant all of these for myself. I dreamed of using the flowers for puja (when I do it) the fresh veggies for curries – I remember mom making beans curry from the fresh tender beans grown at home. So,I’ve not been very fond of the ‘decorative’ plants. I even made sure the builder placed all the slabs so I could keep lots of pots.  When we first shifted, though I was still at home and not working, Chutku was just 4 months old and everyone asked me to hold-off on doing something that required dedicated amount of time from me. And now this year – when its the right time for me to start sowing the seeds – again – Parents and In-laws want me to hold-off! 😦 They think that I have no time (which is true to an extent). And sadly hubby doesn’t share this passion with me….But I feel sad that I am not able to do anything about it. I even suggested to everyone that I will get a Gardener to do most work – I will only supervise and water them. And to add to these, I’m cursed with over sensitive skin which ends up in rashes due to the pollen in the wind and the flowering season – This adds to parents refusing to let me indulge. Im not sure if I can even water the plants.
BUT I WANT MY  OWN GARDEN. I want, I want – I want to make tomato juice from the tomatoes I grow and serve to everyone who visit and proudly say that its from my own garden! I want to make bouquets from the flowers in my garden. String the Jasmine and put it on the front threshold…Cook pasta from the fresh basil and garnish my rasam with the fresh,green coriander…*sigh* A girl can at least dream…

(photo courtesy:Google)


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