Mall Experience and More

Yup Im back after quite a break. Looks like I somehow manage to squeeze in atleast 1 post every month! Need to really improve on that 😦 And mostly it looks like im here only posting all chutku related stuff – that shows how narrow my observation has become these days!

And this does happen to be a chutku update. His first mall experience.. We took him to do some shopping on the way back from work and he refused to be carried! He threw such a tantrum that we had to put him down and what did he do? Begin to run around! he had already wet his 1 pair of socks and was wearing something close to a night dress which had already ridden up his stomach when he slid down me – so you can well imagine how he looked.(Yeah! It so happend that I had decided he would wear his oldest clothes back home that day and forgotten to keep another pair of socks in his day care bag! Sigh!) And the barefeet little fellow decided to play hide and seek with me! So I had to abandon hubby dearest to choose his own clothes – which hasnt happened in the last 10 years *rolling my eyes* . I began running behind chutku going round and round the tables and hangers playing ‘Caught you’ with him while he was busy laughing away to glory πŸ˜€ It was such a joy to do just that. And then the reared the little monster head. He decided he wanted to sit under the table of folded shirts and then in an attempt to hold on to something to avoid falling – he pulled a whole column of Tshirts down. Horror! For 1 minute there I told hubby that ‘Its so embarassing! That’s not my son!’ and made hubby pull him out! And then I deligently folded all those clothes and put them back. All the while the young couples without kids were looking at me in horror – how can she allow the child to fall down like that! how can she allow the child to run around bare foot like that! How can she dress her child like that! How can she run around making a fool of herself like that! How can she allow the child tscream like that!… And gues what – For maybe one minute I was aware of them and then I didnt care. Just the happinness and laughter of the little fellow made me run around him more, catch him more and let him run some more πŸ™‚
And then yesterday we took him out to a mall again – this time nicely dressed and in shoes too and he refused to get down – he wanted to be carried all the time! 😦 babies – You just cant predict their mood swings *sigh*

On the More front – He has begun to walk quite well these days and even carries small things in his hands while walking – so his balance has really improved. He has finally discovered the mirror – He looks at it and grins with all his 8 front teeth and tries to lick it! And he’s begun to immitate too! He took the comb right after I had combed and began combing in just the way I do it and that too walking! It was so hillarious to see that…

And finally his new words – thatha, Auto, Eeeoooo (see you) and when he’s in mood Appa. Amma seems to be still far far away… Patience….

As I write this, he’s raiding his Dad’s wallet that was lying beside and taking out the crisp 100rs note that he had just drawn from the ATM – this at 1 year! I dread the think what at 16!!!! :-O


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