A Father’s letter to his son

(Hubby’s first guest post…)

Dear S,

Someone decided long ago to set aside a special day in December to celebrate Christmas but little did they know that it would become more special with your arrival. I am not sure what is more special than the other but I know for sure that you are very special to me. Let me begin , therefore, by thanking god for a gift so special that has added a completely new meaning and direction to my life.

You are 1 year old now, and it just seems like yesterday that I carried you out of the Delivery Theatre and introduced you to what your world would be. I still cannot forget the bewildered and surprised, almost reluctant , look in your eyes when you were first pulled out of the womb. It was as if you were happy and content to stay inside amma’s belly as you knew that was the most secure place in the world.

It again just seems like yesterday that I cradled you in my arms after lulling you to sleep on my chest. I still try to cuddle you, but you’re not as easily convinced anymore. Besides, how big you’ve gotten! Just cant believe that its already been a year. A year of absolute joy, happiness and contentment which has also brought along with it a sense of responsibility and duty towards you. I hope I can provide you with a home here on earth that you would esteem and want to share with others. A Place of love, security and freedom….laughter, health and nourishment….a place where you can grow without pre-conceived notions and judgement….and discover the world without any prejudice or malice. Most of all, a place you would proudly call HOME.

Of late, people tell me all the time that you’re my clone, a mini-me. If only they knew how proud it makes me to hear that. At the same time, it’s terribly frightening that someone in the world has my DNA, along with the tendency to reproduce my quirks and frailties. Thankfully, amma’s DNA helps to balance that out. That’s the beauty of nature and God’s system. Two flawed or one flawed (me) and one perfect (amma) human beings reproduce a blend of themselves in someone who has a lifetime to live life better than they did.
I’m tempted to say that I can’t wait to see what your future holds, the joys and challenges that await you, the legacy your life will create. But I’m enjoying you too much right now. All 1 year of you.
I pray you cherish your life’s journey as much as I currently am.
Being your dad is the greatest privilege in the world and I thank you for giving this opportunity.
So until your next birthday, keep smiling, stay happy and healthy.
Affectionately and with a lots of love,



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