Pictures and Memories

Its amazing how a few pictures can bring about a barrage of memories…

Some of the most cherished moments that perk up my mood are the ones in columbus with friends…

My simple Pooja place:

When friends came over to help for the only Anniv party we ever hosted!

House all set for the party:

When great fun was had ravishing the good food at parties

Going out to eat Dunkin Donuts/Chipotle at whim and fancy – Hubby and friends eating Donuts for dinner on competition!

The riverside – when I first saw it frozen (I was so surprised to see the river frozen!), all the times we just drove down for some nice air/chat/snack parties (when friends and food are found – thats the best party ever)

Finally, My very first kitchen – when I moved in after a week’s stay at the hotel and friends hosted a housewarming for me with Gulab jamuns and then a visit to the temple…

An uncle had once said: Make memories – as many as you can,those that you can dig into and find happiness when things are not going great – I think when I feel down, these are the memories that I would want to dig into, to keep me going…


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